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ASUS Video Teases A New Windows-Android Combination Device For CES 2014

Spend a little time in the technology industry and you'll begin to dread December. It's the time when everyone and their grandmother's PR agent invites you to go to an off-floor presentation in Las Vegas to talk about the latest advances in iPhone accessories. ASUS isn't quite that bad, but their CES teaser is a little strange nonetheless. I'm going to assume that the Statue of Liberty in the following promotional video is the one from the New York, New York casino.

The "green or blue" imagery is an unmistakable indication of a combination Android and Windows device, which isn't necessarily new in the ASUS lineup - consider both the Transformer Book Trio and the oddball Transformer AiO (all in one).

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AT&T Galaxy Note 8.0 Launching On June 21st For $400, Or $200 When Bundled With A Galaxy S4, S4 Active, Or Note II


But that's not your only option. As they've done with a few manufacturer-specific phone and tablet combos before, you can also pick up the Galaxy Note 8.0 at a significant discount if you're also buying a Samsung smartphone.

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[Updated: It's Official - Runs Both Gingerbread & Honeycomb] ASUS Phone + Brainless 10" Tablet Shell = Padfone

We already kind of knew a tablet/phone tag team would be coming out of ASUS at Computex this week, so today's leaked press photos of the symbiotic duo, simply called Padfone, neither shock nor disappoint.

What ASUS will undoubtedly officially announce tomorrow is a brainless tablet shell combined with a phone that fits snugly right in the back, held by this ridiculous-looking mechanism that teases my imagination with a world full of Russian Matryoshka-like devices that all fit inside each other.

Update 5/30/11: It's official! See the press release towards the bottom. Just like with the Atrix, the phone will charge from the tablet's battery, and judging by Engadget's announcement photos, it looks like the phone will be running Gingerbread, while the tablet will be rocking Honeycomb.

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