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INQ Cloud Touch Will Ship With A Keyboard Based On SwiftKey's Predictive Fluency Technology

Yesterday, we saw INQ's Cloud Touch Android handset with deep Facebook integration revealed in all its socially introjected glory in an exclusive TechCrunch demo. Coming to Europe in May of this year and possibly to the U.S. after, the Cloud Touch will be taking aim at text-crazy teenagers and insomniac Facebook users who spend the better halves of their days prowling the depths of the largest social network in the world.

Erick Schonfeld, the reporter who conducted the interview, touched on the music app (which was replaced by Spotify), Facebook, more Facebook, and some more Facebook, but failed to mention the story behind the keyboard in this upcoming social hub of a phone.

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INQ's Cloud Touch "Facebook Phone" Previewed On Video

Whether you liked the idea or not, INQ's Facebook-based phone, called the Cloud Touch, is alive and kicking - and has now been officially previewed in a video on TechCrunch. Running a custom skin, it has a number of different tweaks that integrate Facebook into the core experience, including:

  • Automatic Facebook contact integration
  • Friends' Birthdays and Facebook Events synced to Google Calendar
  • People, Events, Notifications, and Places buttons line the top of the homescreen
  • Quick access to your "top friends"

It also has the unrelated addition of Spotify as the main music app. The phone will be launching this May in European markets, so users will have actual access to Spotify's services, but because Spotify is not available in the US the app will only serve as a local media player.

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INQ Mobile Building Android-Based, Unofficial Facebook Phone?

If you were disappointed when Facebook shot down rumors that it was working on an official Facebook phone, you may be in luck, thanks to manufacturer INQ Mobile. According to Bluetooth SIG, the INQ Cloud Touch could be exactly what Facebook was rumored to be developing:

INQ Cloud Touch is an Android smartphone built to make messaging faster and smarter. It’s designed around the way people naturally communicate and has Facebook built into its core. The homescreen features multiple entry points to different Facebook functions, while a dynamic widget displays a feed of status updates, albums, videos and photos.

This isn't really surprising, as a quick look at INQ's site reveals their history of making "social" phones.

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