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Google Releases Cloud Console Beta App For Managing Google Cloud Services

Does your business, service, app, or other technological entity rely on Google's enterprise cloud services to function? Then you might want some way to manage that service from your phone or tablet. Here it is: the Cloud Console app for Android. This handy little tool is currently in beta, but those who rely on Google's hosting and virtualizing service will surely be able to overlook that. The app has been popping in and out of the Play Store for the last week, so we threw it onto APK Mirror in case it disappears again.

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[Editorial] Just Because Google Closed Reader Doesn't Mean You Can Never Trust Any Service Ever Again

Did you hear about Google's sweet new app called Keep? After five years of Android existing without a basic note-taking app like iOS had for forever, Google finally got around to creating its own. Oh, and it even added a to-do list and picture uploading and voice memos and-wait, what's that? You don't want to use it because Google Reader closed? I'm not sure I follow.

I'm an open-minded kind of guy, though.

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