Among the many things announced at Google I/O was support for casting custom backdrops to the Chromecast. We haven't heard anything about it since then, but now users are beginning to report seeing "Casting Backdrop" listed on their devices.



The landlocked European country of Austria and the Chinese island megacity of Hong Kong don't have a lot in common, but this morning (or this afternoon, depending on where you are) they can come together and bond over cheap Google streaming gadgets. The Chromecast just launched on the respective Play Stores in both territories, making it easy to get a hold of one without importing it or bribing your American buddies.

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In addition to a handful of new Chromecast-supported apps announced by Google, Sling Media is getting in on the action. According to this blog post, the Slingplayer app for Android smartphones now has Chromecasting capability. Though the latest update for the app itself was way back in July, Chromecast support is often enabled via a server-side switch, so it should be working now. Compatible Sling hardware includes the Slingbox M1, 350, 500, and SlingTV.

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The stable of apps that support Google's Chromecast device just seems to keep growing. In addition to NPR One and Watch ABC last month, Google just announced a handful of new apps that have been enabled today. The biggest additions for our readers are probably Twitch, the online game stream broadcasting service, and iHeartRadio, the radio streaming service from ClearChannel iHeartMedia. Both of them should be ready to stream content to your TV now.


Remember Grooveshark? It's OK if you don't - after all, the controversial music sharing app hasn't been available on the Play Store for more than two years after it made its amazingly brief debut. But users can still get the app as an APK download on Grooveshark's site, and last month they were thrilled to find that it supported Google's Chromecast streaming gadget. Until today, when Google unceremoniously blocked it from accessing Chromecast features...


Update: Aaaaaaand it's live. You can download the latest version of Netflix here. It looks like it's on a slow rollout, so don't be surprised if you can't get it right it away.

Enhanced integration with Chromecast, including a new "Post-play" experience to easily continue watching at the end of TV episodes.



Confession: I watched four 90-minute episodes of Sherlock in a single sitting, thanks in no small part to Netflix's auto-advancing "Post-Play" feature on the web.


Chrome might be the default browser on Android these days, but Mozilla has done some great stuff with Firefox. The stable and beta channels are getting an update today to v32 and v33, respectively. If you like to live dangerously, the beta even offers some hotly anticipated features including Chromecast support.


BSkyB is more than happy to offer TV shows, movies, and sports to people living in the United Kingdom and Ireland who are willing to pay. Now the company has bundled Chromecast support into the latest version of its mobile apps. This way customers can take the content they were used to watching on their TVs before switching over to phones or tablets and put it right back on their TVs.


Your Chromecast can now be a source of dry wit and occasionally entertaining TV shows with the newly added Chromecast support for NPR One and Watch ABC. The NPR app should work on just about every device under the sun, but the ABC app is oddly picky.


Maybe you held off buying a Chromecast, even though it's totally awesome, or perhaps you just need another one. Either way, you can pick one up right now on Groupon for $25. It's refurbished, but $10 off isn't bad.

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