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Smart Lock Comes To Chrome OS Stable, Can Automatically Unlock Chromebooks When Paired With A Phone Running Android 5.0

The Smart Lock feature that has been slowly cooking in the Chrome OS dev and beta channels has made its way into the latest stable release, version 40. Now anyone with a phone running Android 5.0 or later (sorry, no tablets) can automatically unlock their Chromebook just by keeping the two devices within 100 feet of each other.

You can find the option tucked away under advanced settings. In this shot I've scrolled the area to the top and have already turned things on.

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[Video] Google Posts 8-Minute Crash-Course On Google Play For Education Geared At Developers

Google Play for Education, unveiled during Google I/O, is a program to get Nexus tablets into the hands of students and provide a curated app store offering content to fill those tablets with. Google released a video today aimed at the developers who may someday produce the apps that will eventually populate their store. It's also an interesting watch for educators curious about what technology may soon enter their classrooms and parents tired of their children learning on iPads (assuming their classrooms have tablets at all).

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