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Google Rolls Out Holiday Hours For Businesses On Maps And Search

It's nice to stop every once in a while and realize just how much Google search has improved over the years. For quite a while, Google didn't really prioritize time-sensitive content versus regular content when it crawled the web. This meant breaking news stories were cached about as frequently as Wikipedia entries on the history of the Roman Empire. That didn't really change until the events of September 11, when Google realized people who were searching for news on the attacks were instead being greeted with tourist information for the World Trade Center.

All these small improvements are hard to notice individually, but they really add up over time.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Appstore Offers Over 40 Paid Apps And Games For Free On Christmas Eve

There may or may not be creatures stirring at Amazon's house this day before Christmas, but the people are busy offering up their usual selection of deals preceding most holidays. The Appstore's free paid app of the day has been extended to no less than 40 apps and games today. Here's the full list, which may or may not be limited to users of the United States version of Amazon's app portal (and a couple are exclusive to the Kindle Fire or Fire Phone):

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Spotify Shares The Holiday Joy With A Snowfall Animation In Its Android App

♫ Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we've no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! ♫

Whether you're listening to Christmas carols, other holiday or non-holiday songs, or simply feeling grim and replaying some mellow tunes through Spotify, the service sneaked in some winter joy in its Android app to cheer you up. Consider it an easter egg in the form of Christmas snowfall. That's confusing. Even more so if you live in the Southern hemisphere and you're suntanning on a beach.


Nevertheless, if you open your Spotify app and start playing some music, you'll get an animation of white snow glowing and falling on your screen.

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OnePlus Gets The Christmas Spirit, Sells The One Without An Invite For A Limited Time

A pair of hop-along boots and a pistol that shoots might be good for Barney and Ben, but they're small comfort if you've been trying to get your hands on the OnePlus One for half a year. Well, now's your chance: just like they did for Black Friday, OnePlus is selling an uncertain number of One phones directly today, no invite, pre-order, or inadvisably dangerous or sexist actions necessary. Just go to the website and buy one.


Both the standard white 16GB model and the 64GB black model with its rather nice textured back are available, at $299 and $349, respectively.

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Android Police Holiday Gift Guide 2014: The Stuff You Want, Only Newer

Last year, we put out a gift guide with all of our recommendations for the holiday season, but we made one mistake: we released it on December 20th, just five days before Christmas. What were we thinking? I honestly have no idea. This year, we decided to try to be a bit more helpful and put something out at least a couple of weeks ahead of time. You're welcome.

Without further ado, here is the Android Police Holiday Gift Guide for two-thousand fourteen. This is the stuff you (and/or someone on your list) want. Let's go.


Android Devices



Amazon Fire TV Stick ($25-40).

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Google's Santa Tracker 2.0 Slides Down The Play Store Chimney

'Twas the first of December, when in the Play Store

came an app that we'd all seen just one year before.

A Santa tracker made kids really keen

with a sizeable update for Twenty-Fourteen.

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[Smile, Santa] Google Resolves Issue #41827, The Most Jarring Issue In The Android Bug Tracker For The Past Two Years

Yesterday we reported on the appearance of several redesigned emoji in the keyboard Google's rolling out with Android 5.0. In the piece, I concentrated on the improved consistency brought in by the tweaks. As it turns out, there was one more change hidden in plain sight among the others, and its importance shadows all others. Google has quietly addressed a bug report that has lingered for years.

Let's take a look at the issue at hand here. These are two of the images included in yesterday's post. On the left, we have the old set of emoji. On the right, we have the new ones included with Lollipop's version of Google Keyboard.

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Dead Trigger 2 Holiday Update Brings Four New Weapons, One New Environment, And A Zombie In a Pear Tree

Madfinger's Dead Trigger 2 has remained near the top of the game charts on Android since its release a couple of months ago, and the developers continue to update it regularly. The last update focused on balance issues, but this one adds the most content yet, most notably the new China environment. This addition includes new Story and Warfare missions and extra challenges, plus Google Play Games achievements.


You also get several handfuls of melee weapons for when you inevitably run out of ammo and/or chickens. The Big Hammer and Butterfly Swords seem like they'll be the most fun, but Danny Trejo fans can also cause a little carnage with the Machete.

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[Ho Ho Ho] This Year's Google Santa Tracker App Flies Into The Play Store Bearing Mini-Games And Chromecast Support

Santa Claus is one of the few people on this planet that can be tracked without stirring any moral outrage from anyone, and few are as equipped for the job as Google - after all, the company's been doing this for a while now. This year's version of Google's Santa Tracker has made its way into the Play Store, and you would be wise to grab it before the night of December 24th if you want to know when jolly old St. Nicholas will pay your home a visit.



When you first fire up the app, it presents you with a countdown until Santa's departure time, one that looks largely identical to Google's Santa Tracker website.

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Dead Zebra's Android Christmas Ornaments On Sale Now For $10, Or $90 For A 10-Piece Tree Pack

Do you wish to display your love of Google-branded operating systems to your friends and loved ones, but find Hallmark's selection of nerdy ornaments unaccountably lacking? Then Dead Zebra has your back. They're selling a modified special edition of the ever-shifting Android figurine that's been modified into a Christmas tree ornament. You can pick up one of these shiny fellows in red or blue for $10.

Android_HolidayOrnamental_Blue_WithBox_800 Android_HolidayOrnamental_Red_WithBox_800

There's a limit of two single ornaments for each order, but if you need enough to make your tree positively spangled with tiny toy robots, there's also a "Tree Pack." It includes five red and five blue ornaments for $90, a 10% saving.

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