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If you're an RPG fan and haven't given Square Enix's Chaos Rings titles a spin on Android yet, they're almost definitely now worth the price of admission: just about $4 each. With the release of Chaos Rings 2 for Android yesterday, Square Enix is celebrating by slashing the price of the two earlier titles.

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Both games are content-rich and story-driven JRPG's in the traditional style, though don't let their decided conservativeness in the genre fool you - the Chaos Rings games are Rolls Royces in a category (mobile RPGs) dominated by Kias.


While there's no denying that Square Enix's Chaos Rings series is a decidedly un-revolutionary take on traditional JRPG's (Japanese RPG), that's like saying an Audi R8 is a decidedly un-revolutionary take on the supercar - it's still fantastic regardless. The Chaos Rings series is one of Square Enix's lesser-known franchises, but is without a doubt the company's most serious investment in mobile gaming at the moment. I've always thought of it as a test-bed for the first true "made for smartphone" Final Fantasy game (which still doesn't exist at this point).


Square Enix have released their latest Android offering to the Play Store, in the form of the sequel to the mobile RPG Chaos Rings (which came out on Android last month): Chaos Rings Omega.

Chaos Rings was designed from the ground up to be a "mobile RPG," similar to - but carefully avoiding the name of - the Final Fantasy franchise. It seems very likely that Chaos Rings is Square's way of testing the waters of mobile before going all-in on a made-for-touch original Final Fantasy title.