There's something magical about trading places with game developers, getting to apply your own creativity to produce levels that put all others to shame (and preferably without having to know a single line of code). LittleBigPlanet has provided this thrill on PlayStation platforms for years, letting players create their own two-dimensional stages and share them with others. Mario Maker will give Mushroom Kingdom lovers their own chance to thwart their favorite plumber's efforts to rescue Princess Peach.


Update 8/21/14: Following Amazon's lead, the same $0.99 sale is now live on the Play Store.

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The Amazon Appstore seems to be flooding with deals lately, giving us more and more reasons to use it (or at least consider installing it next to the Play Store). After the massive $100 apps and games that went free ten days ago, today's deals affect all of Cartoon Network's games - well, all but one - and discount them to $0.99.


If I had to guess which animated show the mobile game developers at Cartoon Network enjoy most, I'd throw my money behind Adventure Time (followed closely by Regular Show, which was tied before today). The company has already released no less than four games based on the series into the Play Store, and now it's rewarding fans with two more: Rock Bandits and Fionna Fights.

Rock Bandits

RockBandits1 RockBandits2 RockBandits3

Despite its musical influences, Rock Bandits is a side-scrolling 2D platformer starring Finn and Jake.


You probably didn't wake up this morning thinking you need another endless runner in your life. I sure didn't. But if you're a Regular Show fan, then that alone may be enough reason to pay attention to Cartoon Network's latest Android game. If not, then maybe you will be enticed by the unicorns riding fast cars. I mean, why wouldn't you be?



Now that I've piqued your interest, let's go over the details (don't worry, this is an endless runner, so there really isn't much).


Cartoon Network has released Time Tangle into the Play Store, another game based on the Adventure Time cartoon. Instead of skiing, players are now tasked with punching. Lots and lots of punching.

In Time Tangle, there really isn't much that players can't fix just by swinging their fists. It's not exactly the best message to send to children, but they're smart enough to know better, right? Besides, this game is all about punching cute things, so it's okay.


Cartoon Network has released The Great Prank War simultaneously for Android (including Amazon) and iOS, and to make things sweeter, the game retails for $2.99 without any in-app purchases. For Regular Show fans, that makes this an experience to be enjoyed without the anxiety.

The Great Prank War is a fierce battle over control of a park, with the manager of a rival area having gone back in time to alter history and place both establishments under his domain.


Oh those monsters, always stealing baked goods. This time they're not getting away with it. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is a wacky RPG wherein you must journey across Gogapoe Island in search of Niko's birthday cake.


A lot has happened since 1998, so here's a refresher: Mojo Jojo is still up to shenanigans, Townsville is still in trouble, and it's still up to the Powerpuff Girls to save the day. Rather than taking to the TV screen, this time they're kicking butt in their own 2D sidecrolling adventure.

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Full disclosure: I'm not a fan of Cartoon Network's current lineup. I exited the channel's target demographic when Dexter's Laboratory and Ed, Edd & Eddy went off the air, and more recent fare like Adventure Time is just unintelligible garbage to my jaded adult eyes. But if you enjoy the recent stuff, and you'd like to watch them all play a game of soccer in a thinly-disguised World Cup tie-in, then Superstar Soccer is the game for you.


Cartoon Network has been cranking out games lately based on its widely successor series of properties, with Regular Show getting a shot in October and Ben 10 taking a swing in November. Less than a month later, the network is back with a zany mobile game starring the cast of Adventure Time. Ski Safari: Adventure Time may not have the most original premise in the world, but if you're going to shoehorn characters into something that will occupy players' time between bus stops, why not go with a formula that has been proven successful.

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