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Canary Flex is a weather-proof wire-free HD security cam with 4G LTE support

There is no shortage of WiFi-capable wireless security cameras on the market today. The Canary Flex is another entry, but with a few tricks that help it stand out from the crowd. First off, the design marks a strong resemblance to GlaDOS, and is available in white or black colors.

Inside the main unit is a 720p camera (actually 1080p, but downgraded for smoother streaming), a high-quality microphone, a 116° wide-angle lens, and dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy support. There is also a speaker for two-way communication, but that feature will come in a future software update.

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Canary Smart Home Security Device Finishes Indiegogo Campaign With Nearly 20x Its Fundraising Goal

Relying on crowd funding is inherently risky. Regardless of whether a project's on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, some never get a fraction of the funding they aim for. Others fall slightly short or, if they're lucky, barely manage to crawl over the finish line. Still, a select few completely blow the doors off. The Canary, pitched as the first smart home security device for everyone, has now successfully acquired just shy of two million dollars in funding, far exceeding its goal of $100,000.


Canary is a sleek pillar-shaped device containing a video camera and sensors capable of tracking movement, changes in air quality, sound, and other activity.

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