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[Updated x3] Google Camera 3.1 Brings The UI From The Nexus 6P And 5X Cameras To All Android 6.0 Devices [APK Download]

Hey you! Yes, you, the Android fan who spent $650 to get a Nexus 6 the moment it became available, then felt somewhat disheartened when it started popping up for $300 or less, then heroically resisted the siren song of new devices from Huawei and LG! To reward your frugal self-control, Google is now allowing you to play with the camera user interface featured on the new Nexus phones without spending any money whatsoever! Ain't that great? Just don't ask about slow motion video or burst mode for stills, because your puny camera module can't handle it.

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Google Confirms That Double-Twist Gesture To Launch Camera On Nexus 5X And 6P Has Been Dropped

As several of you pointed out to us today, Qualcomm recently updated a blog post on its website regarding the "double-twist" camera launch gesture on the upcoming Nexus 5X and 6P. Specifically, they placed a strikethrough on the text identifying the feature, and clarified the reasoning for the change with the below information:

[UPDATE: The feature to launch the camera via double-twist of the device was replaced by double tap of the power key. The name Context Core has been changed to Android Sensor Hub.]

We've officially confirmed with Google this morning that the feature has indeed been dropped from the Nexus 5X and 6P.

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[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of September 2014

September was a solid month for new Android releases. The new phone call functionality in Hangouts is easily the biggest news, but in our top picks below you'll find new media app options, new customization tools, ways to improve your videography, and all manner of interesting stuff to do on your phone or tablet. The honorable mentions section has even more goodies for you to check out. Your Android device won't be wanting for new things to do.


Hangouts Dialer

Android Police coverage: Dedicated Hangouts Dialer App Hits The Play Store With Phone Calling Functionality And Google Voice Integration [APK Download]

Google Hangouts can finally make VOIP calls, at least in the United States.

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[New App] PixtoCam Allows You To Use Android Wear As A Remote Viewfinder / Shutter For Pictures Of Lego (And Also Other Things)

So, a tiny little screen thing that's kind of like a phone but not a phone and is also strapped to your arm screams for a few very specific uses, and one of them is a remote control for your phone's camera. We've already seen at least one Android Wear camera remote, but that one was more of a proof of concept than a full-fledged tool. PixtoCam takes the basic idea that's been around for longer than mobile phones and adds some notable improvements.

First of all, the remote viewfinder works in both photo mode and video mode, making it infinitely more flexible.

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[New App] Wear Camera Remote Mirrors The Viewfinder On Your Watch In Real Time, But It's Not Quite Ready For Primetime

Google updated its official Camera app with Wear support recently, but that just makes the watch into a shutter button with image review. Wear Camera Remote is a proof-of-concept app that streams the viewfinder to Android wear and works as a shutter.


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GoPro App Updated To Version 2.4 With Automatic WiFi Connection, A New User Interface, And More

Even after years on the market and innumerable would-be competitors, GoPro remains the standard for "action cameras." A big part of that is the excellent smartphone integration that GoPro's devices have maintained, and today the official Android app gets a little better in a lot of small ways. The most obvious is the new user interface, which is visible on Android 4.0 and above. The all-black UI keeps its focus on minimalism and utility, but gets rid of some of the gradients of the former interface.

unnamed (1) unnamed unnamed (3)

New above, old below.

unnamed (3) unnamed (1) unnamed (5)

There are also some more useful additions, most notably an automatic WiFi connection.

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[New App] Sony Publishes Its Own Exclusive Background Defocus Camera App To Google Play

Taking the background in an image and blurring it is currently the big thing in mobile photography. HTC touted the feature when raving about the M8's duo camera. Google added a similar lens blur effect in the camera app it recently uploaded to the Play Store. Samsung, too, unsurprisingly packed this feature in alongside the plethora of others it crams into the Galaxy S5. Now Sony has uploaded its pre-existing effort to the Play Store, where it can more easily roll out future updates.

Background1 Background2

Sony's background defocus app lets photographers bring an object into focus by blurring out the background, simulating a shallow depth of field.

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Report: Google Is Working On A New Camera App With Support For Third-Party Extensions

Google has been posting versions of most of its first-party apps to the Play Store in an effort to update key features of Android (or at least Google's branded additions to the platform) without having to wait for carriers to push out software apps. According to a report from Engadget, the standard camera app will soon get an upgrade, presumably following the same path. At this point we'll consider this a rumor, since Engadget only cites "sources aware of Google's plans."

2014-04-01 16.58.47

The report says that the updated camera app will include many of the bells and whistles that newer devices are getting, like the fake depth of field effect shown off on the HTC One M8.

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[New App] HTC Releases Zoe App To The Play Store, But It's Not Going To Come Alive Until This Summer

Consider this new app that item that someone placed on store shelves before it was time to begin selling the product. You can look at it all you want, but until that launch date comes, forget about it. In this case, HTC has released a Zoe app into the Play Store, but it doesn't plan to activate it until this summer.

Zoe1 Zoe2 Zoe3

There isn't much to take away from these screenshots, other than a green battery icon that drills in just why Google required everyone to switch to white notification tray icons for Android 4.4. Given that the current versions of Sense have a white icon, this looks like very early, or hasty, work.

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Motorola Camera Users Can Now Take Photos Using Volume Keys Following The Latest App Update

Motorola has a reputation of late for making relatively few changes to the stock Android experience, but taking photos is one of the areas where the company has applied some of its own tender loving care. The app, which can activate with just a flick of the wrist, encourages users to take pictures by touching anywhere on the screen. Now those who would prefer a more tactile approach have that option as well. With version 3.2, users can take pictures using a smartphone's volume keys instead.

What's new:

  • Capture photos using phone or headset volume key
  • Updated application will be compatible with Android™ 4.4.2, KitKat®
  • Bug Fixes

Not only that, Motorola has also extended this functionality to headsets with volume controls.

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