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Autodesk Releases Fusion 360 Collaborative CAD Tool In The Play Store

As with most of Autodesk's apps, the newly released Fusion 360 has somewhat limited appeal. However, anyone who does have use for it will be crazy-excited, and they know who they are. Fusion 360 is the company's collaborative 3D design tool with a more basic feature set and affordable price (free for non-commercial use). The app is not a full-fledged design tool, but it allows remote review of designs.


Autodesk AutoCAD WS Updates To Version 2.0, Becomes AutoCAD 360

Autodesk's AutoCAD has made the jump to the big v2.0, and it's received a makeover in the process. The app formerly known as AutoCAD WS is now AutoCAD 360. Microsoft may have run with the 360 branding for nearly a decade now, but clearly its appeal remains alive and well.

AutoCAD1 AutoCAD2


Computer-aided design software like AutoCAD enables users to make both 2D and 3D designs for real-world products and structures.

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[New App] Autodesk ForceEffect Motion – Create Fully Articulated, Movable Mechanical Designs From Your Mobile Device

Autodesk, the company behind AutoCAD and hugely impressive Android apps like Design Review, Buzzsaw, and Sketchbook, brought another awesome app to the table recently with ForceEffect Motion.

Improving on the original ForceEffect for Android, ForceEffect Motion offers the same quick, smooth freehand sketching, construction, and constraining capabilities but with the added ability to simulate motion, allowing users to create complete mechanical system designs on mobile devices, using tools like Autodesk 360 to then share and collaborate for a continued workflow that doesn't have to miss a beat.

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