The idea of supplementing mobile data with a more reliable Wi-Fi connection is nothing new, but now cable provider Cablevision wants to make it users' primary source for their mobile needs. The company announced its new mobile plan, called Freewheel, that essentially omits a dedicated mobile connection altogether and relies exclusively on Wi-Fi to provide service. As a result, it's far more affordable - $30 a month for "regular" customers, or just $10 a month for Cablevision's Optimum Online customers.


Cablevision might not cover the largest geographic area, but it's actually the 8th largest cable company by number of subscribers. Those lucky enough to have Cablevision TV piped into their homes have a new app to play with today. The Optimum app lets you stream TV and control your DVR right from the device. Of course, you need a compatible phone and those are apparently hard to come by.

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The video streaming feature is remarkably open.


Surfing the web while on the move has become a reality thanks to mobile internet over 3G or LTE. However despite yearly advancements in its technology, the reliability of mobile networks remains lackluster.

A solution to ubiquitous connectivity has come in the form of blanketing various cities with wireless hotspots. For example, in Singapore the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) have initiated the Wireless@SG program which aims to provide wireless hotspots all across the island.