The trusted face component of Lollipop's Smart Lock system is really neat, but it's a little buggy on the Nexus 6. Shortly after launch, users noticed that the front-facing camera wasn't very good at recognizing them. According to the Google Groups thread, Google has fixed the problem in the Android code and an update is on the way.

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Being on the bleeding edge is great and all, but there are drawbacks. For example, many users of Android 5.0 devices are reporting that apps seem to be restarting an awful lot in the background. There are also performance issues that seem to crop up more the longer a device runs without being restarted.

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The longer Android 5.0 is in the wild, the more we come across annoying little bugs. It sounds like Google might have broken something in the wireless framework in 5.0 because a sizeable number of users are reporting issues with connecting to their corporate networks after the 5.0 update.



It's not Google's job to account for all the quirks of custom ROMs, but there's been one pervasive bug that has driven some users up a wall in recent weeks. Chrome would render in a bizarre little floating window on ROMs like Paranoid Android. The latest Chrome Beta release fixes that, and you can grab it below.

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Left: broken, Right: not broken


There's a lot of new stuff in Lollipop, so there are bound to be some bugs. One particularly weird bug can be found in the recent app list. Pull up the app switcher and swipe away all your cards. Go back, and there's another random app card. What gives?

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Now that Lollipop is out in the wild to be abused in every which way, we're starting to see the bugs pop up. The latest one has to do with that new flashlight toggle in quick settings. If you turn it on and leave it like that until it times out and shuts off, the camera and flashlight will stop working until you reboot. This is confirmed at least on the Nexus 5.


If you follow Artem on Google+ or check Reddit, you probably saw him discussing the likelihood that Google has delayed updating Nexus devices to Android 5.0. This was originally slated to begin November 3rd, but now the date we're hearing is November 12th. There's no official word, but it looks like a particularly troublesome WiFi bug in the developer preview might be to blame.

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Google has been wrestling with a series of strange and not too uncommon bugs with a part of the camera subsystem on the Nexus 5 called mm-qcamera-daemon. Without this component, the camera on this device won't function, but sometimes it goes wonky and drains the battery. A Googler has just marked this issue as "future release" in the AOSP issue tracker, meaning it should be fixed when Android L rolls out.


The Moto G has been a big seller for Motorola, and the device has seen pretty much universal praise from owners. However, the international version of the device (as well as the Moto X and Moto E) has an odd interface quirk that's driving some users up a wall. The carrier name sits on the left side of the status bar all the time, essentially making the notification area useless for anyone whose carrier has a name longer than a few characters.


Sprint got on the Google Voice train early – about when Google got bored and started ignoring the product. At any rate, things have been fine for users on Sprint, who get tight integration with Google Voice on their Sprint number. Well, except this last weekend. There's a pretty big thread going over at the Google Product Forums of Sprint users reporting strange behavior with GV.


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