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Opera 32 Lets You Add Websites To Your Homescreen, Sync Typed History, Pull To Refresh, And More

The latest version of Opera has arrived, and it comes containing all the features we detailed when we took a look at the beta build last month. But there was one feature we didn't say much about at the time, and this is the one Opera has chosen to emphasize in its announcement post.

In short, version 32 is eager to sprinkle shortcuts to your favorite sites all over your homescreen. No having to open the browser first and type in URLs. No searching through a list of bookmarks. Just tap on a website's icon as though it were an app, like you would when clicking on a bookmark widget from Chrome or your phone's default browser.

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[Update: More Details And Video] CyanogenMod Team Teases Gello, A New Chromium-Based Browser With Tons Of Customizations

There is no shortage of third-party browsers available on Android. While most of us use Chrome, there are plenty of worthy alternatives and valid reasons to choose them. The CyanogenMod team (notably distinct from, but connected to, the Cyanogen Inc. company) is throwing its hat into this crowded ring. The new project is called Gello, it's based on Chromium's open-source code... and that's about all we know for sure at this point.

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Opera For Android Updated With Speed Dial Syncing And Native Text Selection In Version 30

About three weeks ago the beta version of Opera for Android added a handful of new features. Today most of them graduate to the standard version, marked as v30.0.1856 on my phone. The biggest change (at least according to Opera's official blog) is that the sites saved to the "speed dial" homepage will sync across Android and desktop versions of Opera. That's provided, of course, that you're logged into your Opera account on all devices. If you prefer different Speed Dial options for mobile and desktop, that's an option too.


Perhaps more notable from a technical standpoint is an upgrade to the Chromium 43 rendering engine.

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Some Chrome Users Can Now Cast Tabs Directly To Video Hangouts Sessions

Google keeps patiently improving the ecosystem surrounding the Chromecast and its various software tie-ins. But the latest trick is casting not to a gadget or screen, but to a conversation. At least some users are now able to cast tabs to a video Hangouts session, allowing the recipient to watch the video (or whatever else you've got in that tab) without a cumbersome link. It doesn't seem to be live for everyone, but check out your Chromecast extension if you'd like to try it out.


The system seems to prefer an active conversation. It won't let you cast to a Hangouts conversation that only includes you, for example, and it won't go for a Hangout which someone has opened but not yet joined.

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Opera For Android Beta Adds Speed Dial Synchronization, Native Text Selection, And More In Latest Version


AdBlock Plus Creates Its Own Android Browser Based On Firefox, Now Available In Beta

Do you hate advertising, and by extension, the vast majority of free content on the planet? Do you spend hours defending your decision to block ads on the Internet, television, video games, apps, and in real life via an intricate system of automatic blinders? Then the ever-growing crop of Android web browsers has a new entry just for you. This one comes from AdBlock Plus, probably the most recognizable name in browser-based advertisement blocking.

2015-05-20 15.59.57 2015-05-20 15.59.47 2015-05-20 16.25.55

Adblock Browser for Android is now available in beta form using the Google+ Community method - they've also got a direct APK download on the Community page.

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Firefox 38 Goes Stable With A New Welcome Screen, Numerous Minor Visual Tweaks, And More

Firefox Beta exists in the Play Store as a separate app that's open to the public, but regardless, there comes a time when things should go stable. For Firefox 38, now's that time.

As you would expect, version 38 comes with a number of new features. In addition to the changes we detailed in the past, this release also greets users with a redesigned launch screen. The old pop-up has been replaced with a landing page that is inherently less jarring.

Firefox38-2 Firefox38-1

Left: old, Right: new.

While we're talking visuals, the developers have provided the browser with an ever-so-slightly more material look.

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Firefox For Android Passes 100 Million Downloads In The Google Play Store

Google's mobile version of Chrome has become the de facto standard browser for Android, but never let it be said that it's the only option. Mozilla Firefox, which predates Chrome on both desktop platforms and Android, has been downloaded from the Play Store 100 million times. Mozilla decided to toast the occasion on its official blog.

2015-04-09 20.03.54 2015-04-09 20.02.56 2015-04-09 20.03.24

Aside from the obvious user interface differences, the Android version of Firefox has gradually added compelling features like integration with synced Mozilla services (which are a godsend if you use the desktop browser as your primary web interface), extra user-accessible tools like a fullscreen switch, customized search engines, and add-ons that expand the base app's functionality.

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Google's April Fools Treat For Chromebook Owners Is An App That Browses The Web For You

Is it really an April Fools "prank" if what you put together actually performs its stated function? Either way, you probably won't want to keep the "Self-Browsing Chromebook" app on your machine for more than a day or so. According to Google's straight-faced Chrome Blog entry, the app is intended to automate your entire computer experience. What it actually does is take over your laptop with a full-screen interface that navigates around the web by itself.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 at 3.39.01 PM

And it's not just a random selection of websites loaded one after another. No, the slightly sci-fi app (which, yes, can really be installed on Chrome OS devices) uses its own cursor to select new links and scroll through pages, about one every three seconds.

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Firefox 37 Tweaks URL Bar Default Appearance, Adds New Locales, Improves Download Performance, And More

Firefox 37 is the latest stable update to grace the open source web browser. It introduces new locales (Albanian, Burmese, Lower Sorbian, Songhai, Upper Sorbian, and Uzbek), changes the default search provider to Yandex for Turkish users, and improves download performance thanks to alterations in the back-end.

The most visible change for most users is likely a tweak to the URL bar, which now shows a website's address instead of its title by default.

Firefox1 Firefox2

Left: Old default behavior, Right: New default behavior

If you don't like this change, you can switch back to the old behavior in the app's settings.

The changelog contains quite a few more items, though most of them are rather boring.

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