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Pixel Boat Rush, From The Makers Of Don't Run With A Plasma Sword, Spices Up 2D Racing With Crazy Characters And Weapons

I recall with fondness many weeks spent in front of my spinning, clicking Dreamcast, working away at the only game I had for Sega's console at the time: Hydro Thunder. While the graphics were amazing (for 2000, anyway), the big jumps and odd physics were what kept me coming back to the boat racing game. Pixel Boat Rush doesn't look or play anything like the minor Dreamcast classic, but I think it's managed to capture a glint of Hydro Thunder's spirit.

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Ship Just Got Real: Leviathan Warships Hits The Play Store, Available For Most Tablets

About three weeks ago, Paradox Interactive released what could possibly be one of the best game trailers we've ever seen. It was for its then-upcoming game Leviathan Warships, and was chock-full of more ship puns than you can shake a stick at.

In fact, it was so good they decided to release a second trailer, with even more puns.

If you've had enough puns (I'm kidding – there's no such things as too many puns) and are ready to actually play the game, it's now available in the Play Store.

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[New Game] Infinite Dreams Takes To The Seas With Sailboat Championship

Sailboats do not have a reputation for being particularly exciting, but the new game from Infinite Dreams is looking impressive anyway. In Sailboat Championship, you can run a different kind of race than you're used to. Basically, this title is a little more leisurely than the typical racing game.

You'll be racing against computer-controlled boats in various stunning environments. What this game lacks in speed, it makes up for in atmosphere.

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