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Motorola Droid Pro Review: Android Has Been Blackberry-ified, But Hath The Blackberry Been Slain?


And with that, we solidly conclude that Android truly has visited 99% of the mobile form factors out there. That's right, people, the Motorola Droid Pro has arrived in the Android Police offices, and after spending the last week or so with it, I can tell you - with a straight face, nonetheless - that RIM's got serious competition here. The handset isn't exactly all that and a piece of cake, but it's definitely up there, at least for enterprise customers. Read on for the full, unbiased Android Police review to find out what makes it so special.


Hardware Overview


Before I proceed with the review, let's recap the Droid Pro's specs:

  • 3.1-inch HVGA (320x480) LCD display
  • 1GHz TI OMAP 3620-1000 processor
  • 1420 mAh battery
  • 512MB of RAM; 2GB of ROM
  • 2GB microSD card out of the box with support for cards of up to 32GB in capacity
  • 800/1900 CDMA EVDO Rev.
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Motorola Droid Pro Unboxing And Hands-On

So... what can I say? It's the Droid Pro, Android's answer to the Blackberry, the Blackberry running Android - in short, the phone that's supposed to kill off RIM once and for all. But is it? Our review unit just arrived in the mail today, and while I'm not ready to do a full review just yet, I am ready to give you my initial impressions as well as an overview of what's in the box. Ready? Read on!

The Unboxing


The box is standard fare for a Droid device - black, gray, and red, except for the Droid Pro name, which is inscribed in white.

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