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[New Game] Gamevil And The MLB Wonder If You Can Mix A High-End Baseball Sim With Free-To-Play In MLB Perfect Inning

Earlier today we posted on a new version of RBI Baseball for Android. You know what, I'm just going to recommend you read that story instead. Go ahead, close this tab and read the story about the premium baseball game with decades of history and no in-app purchases. It's OK. I won't feel bad. Just go.

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Still with me? OK. MLB Perfect Inning is a high-end baseball sim from Gamevil. In addition to some very impressive graphics and and the licensed likenesses of over 200 Major League Baseball players, it features motion capture from real-life pitchers and catchers. Players and stadiums are rendered in detail, or at least enough detail that it's appealing while still being playable by most recent Android phones and tablets.

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[New Game] Classic RBI Baseball Series Returns For The Spring 2014 Season, Full Game Available For $4.99

The last time an RBI Baseball game hit store shelves, it was for the Sega 32x. Even in its heyday, few people knew what that Genesis-era console add-on was, and even fewer owned one. Now, two decades later, the game has returned for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, along with mobile devices.


The original entry in the series was the first video game licensed by the MLB and the first use the names of real players. This time around, the game includes all 30 baseball teams and 480 athletes. The characters are all tweaked based on their real-world stats.



The game is designed to be quick and easy to play, with virtual athletes able to complete 9 innings in under twenty minutes.

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[New Apps] MLB Publishes Minor League Baseball Versions Of Inside The Park And First Pitch Apps

The hundreds of minor league baseball teams across the US offer a great way to spend a day at the ballpark without the expense, and sometimes the travel, of going to a full MLB game. The MiLB, as it's called, is getting some much-needed attention on the app front this week, as two new apps have been published in the Play Store to support the various farm teams. Both MiLB First Pitch and MiLB Inside The Park mirror their big league counterparts.

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MiLB First Pitch is the official scoreboard and statistics app, offering live updates for games featuring 160 teams across the US.

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[New Game] MLB Releases Franchise MVP, Empowers You To Fulfill Your Dream Of Being The Best Player On A Major League Team

I played one year of a baseball as a kid, and for a brief - very brief - period in my life, I imagined what it would be like to play on a Major League Baseball team. Yet I was never much of a serious fan, and I lacked the skills to even maintain the fantasy for a significant period of time. Thanks to Franchise MVP, the latest game has pitched into the Play Store, no one will again have to expend much effort picturing themselves as the most valuable player on an MLB team.



Franchise MVP contains over 120 teams from Class A, Double-A, Triple-A, and Major Leagues.

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MLB At Bat App Update Resolves Live Video Issues On Android 4.3

Upgrading to a new version of Android is always nice, but Nexus users (and just lately, Google Play Edition users) tend to become unwitting beta testers for a lot of apps. Case in point: MLB At Bat, the official news, scores, and video app for Major League Baseball's online subscription service. It didn't work for Android 4.3 users ever since the new version of Android launched in July, but according to the latest changelog, the updated app should be streaming video to everyone now.

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The MLB didn't include a screenshot of the video interface in the Play Store. I don't know why.

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[Bonus Round] Tetris, Home Run Derby, Le Vamp, Titan Escape The Tower, Age Of Pirates, Dark Nebula II, And MLB Dream Nine

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got yet another Tetris game from EA, not one, but two MLB titles, a cute endless runner, a new take on Breakout, a pirate math game, and another marble puzzler. Without further ado:



So, why would EA release another new Tetris game, in addition to the original Android Tetris and the new Tetris Blitz?

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MLB At Bat Service Is Free For T-Mobile Customers For The 2013 Season, Download The App Before June 30th To Activate

It's the first of May, and you all know what that means: free access to the MLB At Bat app for T-Mobile subscribers starts today! Tmo's multi-year contract with Major League Baseball gives its customers free access to the video and audio streaming app. Normally the app and the service are part of the expensive game streaming package, or a separate purchase of $3 a month or $20 a year.

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There are some surprisingly strict terms. Naturally you'll need an active T-Mobile account to qualify, and you have to download the MLB At Bat app between now and June 30th.

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ESPN Fantasy Baseball App Updated For 2013 MLB Season, Still Kinda Sucks

Ah, fantasy sports: the Dungeons and Dragons of the jock world. There are more than a few options for you to spend your fantasy money on, but ESPN's seems to be the first that's ready for the 2013 baseball season. So if you've just got to get your lineup ready for the big office matchup weeks in advance of opening day, feel free to download ESPN Fantasy Baseball.

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The app has all the new players, trades, and updated stats that fantasy sports depend on. Picks and match-ups will be synced with ESPN's servers, and you can access all of it through the main web interface.

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... At Bat Update Offers Update Live Coverage Of Spring Training Through The World Series, For A Price

Opening day is six weeks away, baseball fans, but there's plenty of pre-season action to whet your appetite. hopes that you're desperate enough to pay for the privilege: while you can download the latest version of the At Bat app (not to be confused with last season's At Bat 2012), you'll have to be an subscriber or pay a $19.99 in-app purchase to access a year of premium features. The "Lite" version is now the only version, with the IAP replacing At Bat 2012. Live video is exclusive to subscribers, but nifty features like live audio, play-by-play updates, and a field view can be had for the "lower" price.

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[New Game] Com2uS Brings Authentic Baseball Gameplay To Android With 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013

Longtime Android game developer Com2uS has its fair share of experience with baseball games. Most Android users have at lest heard of, if not played, Homerun Battle. This series is designed to provide a more authentic feel than those cartoony games. 9 Innings: Pro baseball 2013 has the real players you know and love with physics to match.

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If you're a baseball fan, this is probably the game for you. Com2uS has fed in all the stats and data for over 1,400 players on 30 teams. The roster is accurate as of July 5th, and Com2uS has a contract with the Major League Baseball Players Association to keep it up to date.

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