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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] Auto-Rotate Quick Settings Animation Makes Its Return

Despite its appearance on Android One devices, we've had complete radio silence from Google about Android 5.1. Still, as long as it is in the wild, we're going to keep hearing about it. In this case, we have found out that the animation associated with toggling the auto-rotate feature has come back in 5.1 after disappearing in 5.0. Take a look.

This might not exactly change the way you use your Android phone or tablet, but it's nice.

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[Hands-On] 'Rotate On Shake' Toggles Auto-Rotate, Is One Of The Easiest Ways To Rotate A Display

You know the routine - you're browsing Android Police, scrolling through our amazing content when you lie down in bed, only to have your phone go crazy. The narrow content you were scrolling through has switched from portrait to landscape view, even though the phone is still facing the same direction relative to your head as it was before. At best, you stand your phone back up, pull down your notification shade, and press the toggle.

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