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[Australia Only] Nexus 6P Owners On Telstra Are Experiencing Issues With Data Connection, Google Already Has A Fix On The Way

Do you ever feel left out because of all the US-only news we post? If you live in Australia, then you're in luck, because this one is just for you! Now those Americans can finally experience what you have to go through on a daily basis, right? Actually, probably not, since this is likely not the kind of thing over which you want exclusivity.

Many Australian Nexus 6P owners have been experiencing connectivity issues on Telstra, one of the country's three main mobile carriers. The issues seem to arise whenever the device disconnects from a WiFi network and switches to a 4G connection.

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Nexus Player Now Available In Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, And Switzerland

Google is often accused of having a heavy focus on the United States. That's certainly true, but come on - it's a US company. Nobody seems to mind that Samsung sells a ton of phones in South Korea, or that Japan gets the newest and hottest Canon cameras before anyone else. Can you really blame a company with limited hardware resources for prioritizing a new product launch in certain markets?


Image source: Ausdroid

Yes, you can. Sorry, what were we talking about again? Oh yes, the Nexus Player is available in nine new countries starting today. Or yesterday, depending on exactly where you are.

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Asus ZenWatch Now Available Through Google Store In Australia And Italy


Netflix Launches In Australia With Prices Starting At A$8.99 A Month

Netflix has said it wants to expand its service to as much of the world as possible, and now the time has come for residents Down Under to fire up the streaming service. According to AusDroid, Netflix is now available in Australia,with streaming plans ranging from A$8.99 to A$14.99.


Image credit: AusDroid

The cheapest plan offers only standard definition streaming on a single screen, while the most expensive option supports 4K and streaming on up to four devices. In the middle, an A$11.99 plan supports HD on two pieces of hardware.

Netflix works on just about any Android device and essentially everything newer than a Game Boy, making it a pretty cheap way to watch shows on whatever you have lying around.

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Samsung Rolls Out A Lollipop Update To The Galaxy Note Edge In Australia

The Galaxy Note Edge is a little weird, a little out there. So it's only appropriate that Samsung has chosen Australia as the first place to roll out the phone's Lollipop update. According to SamMobile, Note Edge owners in Oz started seeing the update late last night local time, at least for the SM-N915G variant of the phone. As far as we've seen, Australia is the first market to get the update for the Note Edge.


This build is Android 5.0.1, just a tiny bit behind the current AOSP release, and it weights in at just over a gigabyte. (Thanks, Samsung software!) At least some Australian owners should see it come in via a notification immediately - because the Note Edge has a relatively small retail release, it's possible that Samsung could upgrade all units at once.

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The Nexus 6 In Australia Is Now Shipping With The Turbo Charger In The Box

A few weeks ago, we brought your attention to the mysterious case of the missing Turbo Charger, an intriguing Australian tale of deception, thievery, and...wait, no. The story was uneventfully boring: Motorola's Turbo Charger, the one built for the global market, had failed to meet the Australian Electric Standards, and the company was shipping out a slower 850mAh charger in the box, along with a redemption offer to claim the faster charger once it gets certified and approved for the market.

nexus-6-turbo-charger-australia-1 nexus-6-turbo-charger-australia-2

Well today an Ausdroid reader reported receiving his new Nexus 6 unit with the Turbo Charger in the box. It has the same specifications as the global one, with a standard output at 5V/1.6A and two additional turbo outputs at 9V/1.6A and 12V/1.2A.

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D-Link Australia Announces USB-Powered Portable DVB-T TV Tuner And App For Android

It's really hard living in the US, where it seems like we don't get approximately .5% of all the cool new electronics and services that other countries enjoy. It's a real penance having to stare at the goodies that get released elsewhere but not here, and the only thing we can do about it is flee to the comments section and complain to everyone. Case in point: this neat portable TV antenna from D-Link, which connects to an Android phone's Micro-USB port and lets users watch free over-the-air television.

dsm-t100_a1_image_h_f1_on_phone_ - Copy

The DSM-T100 antenna is currently slated for a release in Australia, but since it uses the DVB-T standard, it could also be used in most of Europe and Asia (but not China, Japan, or Korea) and parts of Africa as well.

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The Nexus 6 Doesn't Ship With A Turbo Charger In Australia Yet, But Put Down Your Pitch Forks—There's A Good Reason

The Nexus 6 is a big phone with a big 3200mAh battery. Fortunately, it comes with a Motorola Turbo Charger that can breathe hours of life back into the phone in minutes. The thing is, Ausdroid has reported that folks in Australia are finding that their handsets aren't coming with the speedy charger in the box. Instead, there's a weaker charger in its place. What gives?

Screenshot 2014-12-19 at 1.06.14 PM

The issue results from electrical standards in Australia, which the version of the Turbo Charger designed for the global market doesn't meet. While Motorola works this out, customers are receiving redemption offers to get their Turbo Charger once everything is good to go.

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The Nexus 6 Is Now Available From The Play Store In Australia, Ships In 3-4 Weeks

Update: Aaaaaand it's gone, according to Australian site Ausdroid. It looks like Google isn't having it any easier keeping the Nexus 6 in stock in the southern hemisphere.

Psst. Hey, Aussies. Head over to your local Google Play Store's Devices section. You might see something you've been waiting on for a while.

2014 - 1

That's right, the Nexus 6 is now being sold in the Play Store in Australia. And by "being sold," I mean that it's still several weeks away from shipping, but Google will be more than happy to take your money now. At least until the inventory runs out.

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Netflix Is Coming To Australia And New Zealand In March Of Next Year

Netflix has announced that its TV and movie streaming service is coming to Australia and New Zealand in 2015. The wait shouldn't be long either—we're talking a period of just a few months, with Netflix set to go live Down Under sometime in March.


At that point, folks living in Australia and New Zealand will also get the ability to stream content to their Android phones and tablets. They can also use other devices, such as laptops and TVs, where they can pump their stream up to 4K in places that support doing so.

Following this expansion, over 50 countries will have access to Netflix around the world.

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