Google Music has provided for the cloud streaming needs of the average user, but what if you've got more than 20,000 tracks or you want to stream video too? Well, there's always Subsonic, which relies on streaming media from your personal storage instead of Google's cloud. The app has gotten three big updates in the last few weeks, including today's jump to 4.1.

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There is another big Pushbullet update hitting Google Play today, and you're going to want to check this one out. The new version of Pushbullet adds a notification mirroring feature that shoots all your Android notifications over to the desktop via the Chrome extension.

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Setup is super-fast, especially if you already have the Pushbullet extension on the desktop for all the other cool stuff it can do. The app will ask if you want to enable the mirroring service when it is opened after the update.


Dayframe from Cloud.TV was just released as a beta app last week, and today it has hit version 1.0. This is an app that turns your Android device into a digital photo frame with a ton of options. The new update also includes something that will make upcoming KitKat-powered tablets much better as photo frames – immersive mode.

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This app pulls in images from online services like 500px, Instagram, and Flickr, but also grabs your photos from local storage and online social accounts.


When you need to get access to a remote computer quickly, TeamViewer is a popular solution. The app has long had a solid feature set, but the newly released update has a lot more goodies. And of course, it's still free for personal use.

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The folks at eBay have been slowly but surely improving the Android app, and today there's another notable update hitting Google Play. Version 2.5 of the app is live, and it will reportedly make searching for things on the site somewhat less aggravating. We can only hope.

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If you're often hitting the trail, en route for parts unknown, the TripIt app/service might be a thing you're familiar with. This is a way to keep your flights, reservations, and everything else straight when you're on the road. The app has just gotten a big update to make that even easier.

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The updated TripIt app seems mostly designed to make it easier to access the data attached to your journey.


Android users have had a bit of a love-hate thing going on with Netflix in recent years. Even after a series of updates, the Netflix app was barely usable. Even so, it was the single best source for streaming video on Android and one of the few apps supporting the Chromecast. Starting today, we can put a stop to hate by simply updating our apps. Netflix v3.0 is rolling out to everyone with a completely revamped interface.


Getting through the airport has become an increasingly annoying ordeal over the last decade, and the last thing you need is an app making it worse. The old American Airlines app had a pretty awful UI and lacking performance. With the update to 3.0, the AA app is instantly not terrible.

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There are plenty of alternative Android keyboards, but SwiftKey is perhaps the most well-known and capable of the lot. Even this paragon of customization is not perfect, though. The newest update to SwiftKey includes a lot of bug fixes and responds to some specific user complaints.



Even with Microsoft pulling Skype's strings, there are still updates coming to the Android version of the app. Skype 4.4 brings the usual collection of bug fixes and tweaks, but there's also a new tablet UI and improved video quality for all Android devices.


The updated tablet UI will emphasize conversations by displaying your most recent calls and chats with each contact entry. The look and feel has been streamlined a bit too.

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