BeyondPod has long been one of the top Android podcast managers, but it was definitely not tops in the looks department. The current version is okay, but it could use a fresh coat of paint. The new 4.0 beta is getting more than that, though. BeyondPod 4.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up with a completely new UI and a new name to go with it. BeyondPod is BeyondPod EVO now.


The Netflix app has come a long, long way in terms of design during its run on Android. It wasn't even a year ago that Netflix changed the interface dramatically in v3.0 and killed most of the lag. Now it's up to v3.6 with a new logo/icon and a black action bar in the app.

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A trio of notable apps have been updated with support for Chromecast streaming today, and all of them are free (or free-ish). The apps in question are PBS Kids, Daily Burn, and Deezer.

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The official Facebook Pages manager app is the best (and only) way to access all the features of your fancy business pages on the social network. The app wasn't great before, but v2.0 is completely refreshing the design. Oh, and there are some very iOS-ish icons, which I know you're all going to love.

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Aviate was one of the most interesting alternative home screens when it came out last year as an invite-only beta, then Yahoo bought it and we all worried Aviate would be swallowed up by the machine. However, today is Aviate's big coming out party. The app has been updated with a number of new features, a tweaked UI, and you no longer need an invite to try it.


Google might own Waze, but thankfully Mountain View isn't shutting down the social navigation service to bring it all in-house. In fact, Waze just got an update on Android to v3.8 with a few new features. Waze calls itself a social GPS app, so yeah, most of these features are social things.

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It's been a while since AllCast saw a big update, but here one is to brighten your Monday. Koush's media streaming app gains a few new features today, but perhaps his mind has been on other things. The oddly conversational Play Store changelog mentions Game of Thrones in addition to AllCast. I'm hunting for Hodor references in the app, but nothing so far.

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Pebble fans have been faithfully following each step of the breakout smartwatch since it set almost every Kickstarter record ever. While most of the big news has died down, that doesn't mean the development team is on a break. To speed up the process of getting new features and bug fixes out to eager users, Pebble is opening up an official beta channel through the Play Store. These betas are technically for the Pebble companion app, but since the app also installs firmware updates on the watch, it's likely that you'll be able to get in on all of the new features.


Google hasn't completely forgotten about Voice – after nine months with nary a peep, the Google Voice app has suddenly woken up in the Play Store. The new version comes with version number, which isn't even a big jump from the last one (v0.4.2.82). Actually, the fact that the app has been updated at all is the most remarkable thing about this. There's almost nothing new here.

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The selector isn't new, but the popup is


The Chrome Remote Desktop app was long overdue when Google finally launched it a few weeks back, and already there's a much requested feature addition. As of the newest update, which started rolling out yesterday, the app supports immersive mode on Android 4.4.

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