The always-useful BetterBatteryStats has received a major update that brings both a new look and full functionality on Lollipop devices. The interface remains fairly minimalistic, but at the least could be described as Material-esque. No hamburger menus or anything like that, but you have the bare bones there.

bbs1 bbs3 bbs2

As you can see, a dark theme is available as well. I'm not a big fan of how the dark background pairs with the vibrant green, but I know some of you really don't like white themes.


We first caught wind of an in-progress visual redesign of Pandora's Android app back in September, but it hasn't reached the masses until today's update to version 5.7. Pandora, which had a very dated interface, was well overdue for some kind of reimagining. While Material Design fans are sure to be disappointed, there are several notable improvements and the overall look is much cleaner and modern.

Screenshot_2015-01-29-23-09-25 Screenshot_2015-01-29-23-06-48 Screenshot_2015-01-29-23-17-26

What's New?

Most of the style is obviously iOS-inspired, which is hardly surprising.


Microsoft's Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps have been in preview on Android for a few months, first as an invite-only preview then as an open one. Now Redmond appears to be moving forward with the real deal—the preview label is gone, and the final versions are rolling out.

The-Office-you-love-is-now-on-your-Android-tablet-3 The-Office-you-love-is-now-on-your-Android-tablet-1 The-Office-you-love-is-now-on-your-Android-tablet-2


Google has seen fit to bestow upon us this evening Chrome Beta v41. This version of Chrome will add pull to refresh to almost all web pages. No more will there be wailing and gnashing of teeth due to the lack of an easily accessible refresh button. There's some other stuff too, but how 'bout that refresh?

2015-01-28 20.51.48 Screenshot_2015-01-28-17-53-04 Screenshot_2015-01-28-18-02-23


Twitter is preparing to roll out two new features today in the form of group direct messaging and in-line video recording and editing. The group DMs are new for Twitter, but that video thing looks an awful lot like Vine.


If you've invested in a Sonos speaker system for your home, you have probably cursed the Sonos app on more than one occasion. It was vastly improved last spring, and now there's a new public beta that makes some welcome changes. According to Sonos, the new app is "A Little Bit Faster Now."

Screenshot_2015-01-27-10-49-53 Screenshot_2015-01-27-10-52-11 Screenshot_2015-01-27-10-50-14


If you're going to watch local video files on your mobile device or Chromecast, Plex is one of the best ways to do it. This app relies on a server on your PC that transcodes almost any file and streams it to the app so you don't have to carry everything around. Today's update to v3.9 doesn't change the basic functionality, but it cuts down on the number of apps and brings a modest redesign.


There's a v2.0 update to the Spotify app today, and it brings a few new features. It's maybe not as significant as you might expect from a v2.0 revision, but you're still looking at solid improvements. No, Chromecast support is not one of them. Sorry.



Usually a UI overhaul that's just okay isn't newsworthy, but I want you to understand how fundamentally ugly the OnStar RemoteLink app looked before now. So first, look at the new app below—it's okay, maybe a little plain. Then click through to see the horror of the old version (NSFL).

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Last Updated: January 23rd, 2015

Version 40 of Google Chrome went live today after a couple months in beta. There's no single headlining feature in this update, but there are a variety of genuinely useful additions and fixes. It is Wednesday, after all, and what better update than a major Chrome release?

nexus2cee_2014-12-03-21.25.33  Screenshot_2015-01-09

We have previously covered the bulk of the changes in this release. What's on the menu? Here's a changelog, created by me with links to previous coverage (as if Google would provide one):

About that last one, here's what we mean: press and hold on the address bar and you'll see something like the image below.

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