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Weekend App/Game Sales: Flashout 3D, Dropsync Pro, Dextr, Many Tin Man Gamebooks, And More

Lover Boy once told us that "everybody's workin' for the weekend" and that "everybody wants a new romance." If you're glad that your two-days-off are well underway and happen to be looking a new app or game to spend an intimate evening with, we just happen to stumble across a few sales that may hit the spot. Have a looksee.


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Friday App Sales: Neatly For Twitter, Rayman Jungle Run, Another World, And More

Looks like it's time for another set of app sales to lead you into the weekend. This one's a pretty short list (for now), but that doesn't mean it's not a good one – we've got a unique Twitter client, a throwback game, an unlikely hero, an interesting puzzler, and a new way to watch videos. Here's how to order.

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