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Appeer Aims To Solve The Play Store's Discovery Problem With Automated App Recommendations Tailored To You

Discovering apps on the Play Store is a daunting task. Unless you are passionate about Android and spend hours going down the rabbit hole of Search / Similar / More from developer, or religiously reading sites like Android Police, you will miss out on a lot of great releases. That's the problem Appeer wants to solve.

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Appeer takes a MagicRecs-like approach to app recommendation. The idea boils down to this: Appeer monitors your friends' devices for the apps they install and if 3 or more of them have a new app, it gets recommended to you.

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AppBrain Stream Brings Social App Discovery To Android

With the flood of Android apps hitting the Market everyday, finding exactly what you're looking for can be difficult and frustrating. Typically, when any of my Android-carrying friends are looking for new apps to play with, they ask me for suggestions. Likewise, I hit up my fellow editors when looking for something new and interesting to fiddle with (and let's not forget about Artem's awesome app roundups).

The crew over at AppBrain must've realized that, while their current app discovery system is good, the social element of finding new apps is the direction most people go.

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[K]apps! Lands In Market - A Social Twist On App Discovery

After the recent arrival of Chomp for Android, yet another Market alternative has popped up. An intriguing new application called [K]apps!, which strives to make app discovery a little easier with the help of social networking, went live on the Market today. According to the developers, the app is "dedicated to the sharing and discovery of Android applications with your contacts." [K]apps! offers a new take on mobile app vending that hopes to make it easier (and possibly more fun) to discover new programs.

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