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[The Deal You're Looking For] Star Wars KOTOR $2.99 On The Play Store And Amazon, Down From $9.99 (70% Off)

One of the best games ever made by BioWare, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, landed on the Google Play store at the end of last year. The RPG is a complete and faithful port of the original KOTOR (its nickname among fans) which launched back in 2003 on PCs and consoles. As good as the game is, $10 may have seemed a little steep to some of you for a title that is over a decade old.

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Thursday App Deals: Final Fantasy III (Kindle Edition), Cerberus, JuiceSSH, Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack, And ABBYY Text Grabber

Welcome, frugal readers, to another edition of  Saving Money with Android Police, a sometimes daily series where we deliver the latest and best deals to hit the Play Store. Today's episode brings a few big names to the table, along with some incredibly utilitarian applications and a couple of good games for killing time. Without further ado, here's the skinny.


There, now you can buy yourself a plaque with all that money you saved

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