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Software Engineer Romain Guy Moves On From The Android Team, Will Stay With Google

Another long-time member of the Android team at Google is moving on. After six years of effort, having first worked on Android since before it was even publically announced, Romain Guy has decided to try something new. But unlike the last Android developer to depart, Jean-Baptiste Queru, Guy isn't leaving the company as a whole. He has chosen to remain at Google and will apply his talents in other ways. He had only good things to say in the Google+ post he put up earlier today.


During his time as a software engineer on the Android team, Guy has watched our favorite mobile platform mature from a little open source curiosity into the world's most widespread mobile operating system.

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[Video] The Android Team Shows Us What Mobile World Congress 2012 Looked Like From Its Point Of View

It takes a lot to put together something amazing for an event like Mobile World Congress. Countless hours of planning have to go into designing an amazing booth, and days of construction likely take place just to get everything set up. All for three days worth of mobile-packed awesomeness.

The Android team got us psyched the week before Mobile World Congress by showing off its 2011 booth; and now, in a similar fashion, it has created a video to show off what everyone who couldn't make it Barcelona missed this year.

Looks like a whole lot of fun with a whole lot of Android.

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