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Android Web Market Gets A Nifty New Feature - Reviews Now Display App Version Number And Device Information

The Android Web Market just received a minor, but useful update in regards to app reviews. Now, when a review is posted, the version of the application being used and the device the app is installed on appears right above the text. In addition, any review can now be linked to individually, and when the link is followed, you'll be brought to the app's market page with the review in question front and center. These features, though small, could prove beneficial to both developers and users alike.

Android Market - Android Market (2) Android Market - Android Market (3)

Check the updates out for yourself over at the Android Web Market.

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ADWLauncher EX Receives Huge Update To Version Just In Time For Its Birthday (And Google's 10 Billion Download Celebration)

ADWLauncher EX, one of the most popular launcher replacements on the Market, has received a major update just in time for the app's birthday, and Google's 10 Billion app download celebration, which is set to bring 10 apps a day to the Market for just $0.10 each over the next 10 days. ADWLauncher EX is set to be one of the promoted apps, so new buyers should hold off until it appears in the promotion.

ADWLauncher EX's update brings a lot to the table, including an enhanced dock bar, ICS-style folder creation, hardware acceleration (on specific features when possible), and much more.

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Good News – The Android Market Can Now Be Installed On Amazon's Kindle Fire

Since before the launch of Amazon's Kindle Fire, the Android community has been atwitter, planning to break through the shopping giant's custom Android variant to achieve a true Android experience. Coming one step closer to that, BriefMobile has provided detailed instructions on how to get the Android Market running on Amazon's affordable 7" slate.


Of course, the Kindle Fire is not compatible with all the apps in the Market, so you may notice a few missing. Hopefully developers will be adding support for the Fire in the future, but for now, there are still plenty of reasons you want the Market on Amazon's Android tablet.

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Google Music Support Is Rolling Out To The Android Market Now, No Update Necessary

Google Music support was just announced for the Android Market. You can preview and buy music right on your phone! Right now you are probably asking "How can I get it?!"

Well, normally we would have an APK download for you, but this update is totally server side. Anyone running Market 3.3.11 is ready to use the Music Market. Google is it out to accounts right now. If it doesn't work for you, just have to wait. Sorry.

Mine did update though, So I might as well show you some screenshots.

wm_screenshot-1321483526422 wm_screenshot-1321483764980

It looks exactly like the market does now, the music section is just orange.

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Screen Shots Surface Showing What Could Be The Google Music Store – Expect Free Song Of The Day, Recommended Artists, And More

Lending credence to theories that Google's November 16th event may have something to do with the debut of the Google Music Store, a writer at TecnoDroidVe has discovered (what appears to be) a work-in-progress version of the store, accessing it from his HTC Inspire 4G. While it's unclear how exactly Ricardo found his way into the Music Store, the screenshots he was able to recover look very promising.

GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_1a GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_2 GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_8 GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_10

While the Music Store isn't fully functional (you can't purchase or download songs yet), there is evidence that it will be awesome. For starters, Google has evidently integrated a "Free Song Of The Day" feature, which, as the name implies, offers users a free song each day.

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Google: Software Update Coming To Logitech Revue In The "Next Few Weeks"

Logitech may have said that launching the Revue was "a mistake of implementation of gigantic nature" and that it has chosen to ditch Google TV entirely, but it has, thankfully, decided against reneging on its promise of one more software update. And, yes, said software update is exactly the one that was shown to us back at the end of October: the one that brings an updated, usable interface and - drumroll please - Android Market integration.

Screen Shot 2011-11-11 at 6.46.24 PM

Indeed, as indicated in the above tweet from the official @GoogleTV Twitter account, the update will be rolling out in the next few weeks, just as promised.

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[Rumor Control] PayPal Support Coming To The Android Market Soon? Not Really, The Code Has Been There For Almost 4 Months

All day in my RSS reader, I've been hearing about how PayPal is coming to the Android Market. Someone ripped apart the latest Market APK and found references to PayPal, assumed this was new, and assumed that it meant PayPal support would be soon be hitting the Market.

The problem is it's not new, we found PayPal references in the market going all the way back to 3.0.26, the first release of the current market design. 3.0.26 came out in July.

Don't believe me? Go grab yourself a copy of 3.0.26, decompile it, and search the files for "paypal." There's a ton.

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[Updated] Download: Updated Android Market For Honeycomb, Includes In-App Review Publishing

An update started rolling out to the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi earlier today, bumping the build number up to HTK75D. While we're not entirely sure of everything that this update brings, there is one obvious difference: the Market.

Yep, a long-awaited update to the tablet Market is definitely in full effect, and it looks nearly identical to the phone Market. This is no coincidence, either-- remember the minor update that El Goog pushed to phones last week? It turns out that is the same exact version that's being pushed to the XOOM. Yeah, that means you can simply download the 3.1.5 apk and install it on your tablet to get the new Market.

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Market Updated to 3.1.5, And We've Got The APK Fresh From The Internets

Some users are reporting a +0.0.2 update to the Android Market. So far we don't know if anything big has changed. The tiny version increment suggest bug fixes only, but you never know...

Anyway, because we love you, we've mirrored the APK here for you to try out. Check your version first though, you may have already updated! We'll update this post if we spot anything new, and you let us know if you spot anything new. Teamwork.


Source: XDA Developers (Thanks Ashish!)

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Weather And Business Apps The Top Grossing Categories On Android, Games Come In At Number Seven

Each month, Research2Guidance puts out a report on Android Market paid apps, which includes how they stack up against each other. The current state of the Market is somewhat of a surprise, as weather and business apps hold the top two grossing spots, with productivity, media & video, and books & reference rounding out the top five. However, one of the most downloaded categories on the Market - games - doesn't show up on the list until number seven, suggesting users would rather download a free game, rather than pay for one.


If you're looking to make money on Android, though, R2G suggests focusing on business apps, as it's highly unlikely for anyone to make "yet-another great weather app."

For more information, check out the full edition of Android Market Insights, available for free at Research2Guidance's website.

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