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Razer Is Working On An OUYA-Style Micro-Console That Will Run Android TV For Fall 2014

Most of you are probably aware of the Razer brand through their admittedly awesome and phenomenally expensive PC gaming peripherals. Before the end of the year, they'll have a presence in the Android world as well. According to a press release, Razer will be developing its own Android TV product with (of course) a focus on gaming. It's currently planned for release in the fall, which might line it up with the wider Android TV debut. 


Razer has been expanding into creating its own gaming hardware as of late, with its Blade laptops and Edge Windows tablet getting impressive feedback from reviewers even with their sky-high price tags.

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Hasbro Enters Mobile Game Development Arena With Majority Stake Purchase In Backflip Studios

Hasbro has been around for nearly a century, and their products have touched just about all of us at some point in time. Mr. Potato Head is a household name, and G.I. Joes have become synonymous what for boys play with instead of Barbies (though I distinctly remember never playing with either). Some of Hasbro's board games, such as Monopoly, can take more time to complete than modern first-person shooters, and since their acquisition of Wizards of the Coast, the company lays claim to our Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering-related memories as well. Now the toy giant is expanding into the mobile game development space by purchasing a 70% stake in Backflip Studios for $112 million.

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This Week's Humble Weekly Sale Features A Bunch Of Awesome Android Games On The Cheap

The Humble Bundle debuts a new bundle of games every Thursday on sale for whatever-you-want-to-pay. Most sales are multi-platform, but Android gamers don't always make the list. Today, take notice. Four of this week's games are just begging to find a home on your mobile device. Altogether, this collection is bound to please strategy gurus, platforming masters, and arcade action addicts alike.


If you're familiar with the Humble Bundle, then you know the deal. Name your price and get your hands on four of these great games. Those who beat the average will get their hands on a fifth title, which is usually more than worth throwing down a couple extra bucks.

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Gameloft Seeks To Melt Faces And Blow Minds With Asphalt 8 Airborne And Brothers in Arms 3

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 may be hoarding up gamers' attention right now with their E3 promises of mind-blowing graphics, but Gameloft is teasing phenomenal visuals that will fit inside your pocket. Asphalt 8 Airborne is due out this summer, and at only 99 cents, you might not be able to find more polygons for your buck.

Asphalt1 Asphalt2


Consumers have dropped $59 for visuals like these for years now, and while the next console leap is ushering in a sizable upgrade, do they compensate for the $58 difference in price? And that's assuming the price of next generation games remain the same.

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The Indie Gala Mobile 3 Goes Live - Pay What You Want For 9 Android Games

The Indie Gala is back for its third mobile release. Pay what you want for four Android games, and if you offer more than the average, you'll get your hands on five more. The average is currently under $4. At less than 50 cents per game, I've bought gum balls that were more expensive.


Handy sliders are situated at the bottom of the page that allow you to divide your payment between the developers, charity, and the Indie Gala folks themselves. The setup should be familiar to anyone who is accustomed to the Humble Bundle. The games include:

  • Chimpact ($0.99)
  • Trainz Simulator ($4.87)
  • 9th Dawn ($2.99)
  • Mystery Fourth Game
    • Bag It!
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      [Best Of 2011] 50 Awesome Games From 2011, Part 3: Puzzle & Casual

      Who doesn't love to just kick back and relax with a good puzzle game? Part 3 of our Awesome Games from 2011 roundup focuses exclusively on the puzzle and casual genres, bringing some of the best that 2011 had to offer together in one post. Whether you're looking to blow up some junk with lasers, build stuff out of other stuff, or kick it old school with a classic board game, you're sure to find a winner on this list.

      For more Best Games Of 2011, see Part 1: Racing & Sports and Part 2: Action & Adventure.



      Peggle made it's debut on PC back in 2007 and has now made it onto Android devices for mobile consumption.

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      [Best Of 2011] 50 Awesome Games From 2011, Part 2: Action & Adventure

      You're here looking for some super-cool Android games, right?

      Well you're in the right place, below we have Part 2 of our Best Games Of 2011 series, and its all about action and adventure. We've got a great list for you, so prepare your devices and dive in!

      For more Best Games Of 2011, see Part 1: Racing & Sports and Part 3: Puzzle & Casual.

      Action & Adventure

      Grand Theft Auto III

      This could possible be the best release of 2011. Maybe its the free-roam type of world, or the possibility to create mass chaos anywhere, but the GTA series has always enticed me and I could never pass up buying every consol game the day it released.

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      [Best Of 2011] 50 Awesome Games From 2011, Part 1: Racing & Sports

      2011 has officially come to an end, and the past year has seen some incredible new games. So, if you're looking for awesome titles for that shiny new Android device you received over the holidays, then check out this list of fine gems worthy of being brought into the new year. No matter your preference on gameplay, you're bound to find something you like below.

      We'll start off the series with racing and sports games.

      For more Best Games Of 2011, see Part 2: Action & Adventure and Part 3: Puzzle & Casual.


      Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

      Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD is a fast-paced, arcade racing game that is hard to put down.

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      New In The Android Market: MiniSquadron - The Definition Of Addictive [Game Review]

      The barren desert that is gaming on Android has been with us for as long as the platform itself, and it appears that it is only now changing, with the release of games like Angry Bird and Fruit Ninja. The newly released MiniSquadron looks to be another one of those games that attempt to bring the quality level up to that of iOS, featuring OpenFeint alongside some of the most addictive gameplay I've ever seen from an Android game. However, it is a port of an iPhone game, and we all know how well that's gone historically. Will MiniSquadron break this trend?

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