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Samsung Link Platform Hits The Play Store, Makes It Easier To Share Media Across Your Devices, Computers, And TV

Samsung rebranded its AllShare Play service to Link about a year ago, but that wasn't the end of that transition. A new Samsung Link Platform app has been released on the Play Store to complement the new experience — the previous Samsung Link app is still there too, but it carries an older design language and seems to suffer from update and sign-in issues.

Link allows you to bridge the gap between your various electronics, be it Samsung phones or tablets, computers, and TV sets. By signing in to your Samsung account on each of them, they become part of your "registered" network.

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Samsung Releases AllShare Framework SDK 1.0, Lets Developers Share Things With Other Things... Or Something

Samsung devices and sharing go together like Australian car racing and fistfights - you rarely see one without the other, in quantity (whether you like it or not). It makes sense, then, that Samsung wants to share its passion for sharing with developers. And today, it's making that a little easier, with the initial release of the AllShare Framework SDK.


What does AllShare do? That's a pretty good question I can't give a complete answer to. The SDK seems to focus squarely on AllShare's inter-device operability and smart TV functionality, though, so it's a good bet the SDK will help you utilize AllShare file sharing between Samsung devices, or code a 3rd-party remote control for compatible Samsung TV's.

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Samsung Galaxy S III First Hands-On

After months of rumors and teasers, we finally got the chance to see the Samsung Galaxy S III first hand last night, at the company's Unpacked 2012 event in Earl's Court, London. Following many (many) free drinks and canapés, Suzi Perry - who hosted the popular Gadget Show here in the UK - took to the stage to kick off proceedings and introduce JK Shin, President of Samsung's mobile division, who officially introduced the new Galaxy to us.

By now, I'm sure you're all familiar with the specs of Samsung's new iPhone crusher, but just in case you need a little refresher, here's what you can expect when it ships to Europe in May…


First impressions were mixed when we first saw the Galaxy S III; the phone is modeled off the shape of a pebble (nature was a big theme at the event last night, with Samsung donating $100 to the WWF for everyone in attendance), with rounded corners and just two capacitive buttons at either side of the physical home button.

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