There's a mystery afoot and only your most skillful tapping and dragging can solve it in Broken Sword: Serpent's Curse. This is the fifth title in the Broken Sword franchise, and it returns to the series' 2D roots with clean pre-rendered graphics. This game tore it up on Kickstarter back in 2012, eventually raising $771,000. If you didn't back the project, you can now get your hands on the Android version for $6.99.


If there's one thing I can say for Out There, it's that this title does not sugar coat the harsh reality of space. Things go wrong that are totally out of your control, and sometimes that means you're going to die. If that was literally the only thing I had to say, this game would be pretty lame. In fact, there's a lot going on in Out There. This is a sci-fi choose-your-own-adventure game that doesn't fall back on laser blasters and explosions to create tension – it's all about survival.


The year was 1993. A young President Clinton was embarking on what was sure to be a scandal-free presidency, Whitney Houston was topping the charts with nothing but fame and fortune in front of her, and Simon the Sorcerer was released on Amiga and MS-DOS. You could say this game has had more lingering appeal than a lot of things from 1993, and now it's available on Android in celebration of its 20th anniversary.