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More Photos Of (Probably) The Galaxy Note 5 Leak Via Chinese Accessory Company

There's a big Samsung event in New York City next month. It will probably be where the company announces its next-generation Galaxy Note series - though they seem to be a little early this time around, the latter half of the year is when Sammy likes to bust out its big phones. We've already seen some convincing photos of two phones identified as the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ (a super-sized version of the S6 Edge without the Note line's compulsory stylus). Now we're seeing even more of the former.

galaxy-note-5-leaked-1 galaxy-note-5-leaked-5 galaxy-note-5-leaked-6

Photos of an alleged Galaxy Note 5 popped up on French gadget site today, tagged with watermarks from a little-known Chinese smartphone accessory maker named Nillkin.

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OnePlus Teases An Upcoming Gaming Device (For Some Reason) Debuting In April

OnePlus never met a product it couldn't portend in the most annoying way possible. So it is with the company's new "game changer," a device teased (where else?) on the official OnePlus forum. A representative says it's not a tablet or a smartwatch, and offers three teaser images to try and whet the appetites of potentially new and repeat customers. Let's have a look, shall we?


The first image shows just a red circle in HAL 9000 fashion. Creepy undertones aside, that seems to imply either an infrared sensor or a camera.


The second image is a trail of light lines making out the OnePlus logo.

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Huawei Reveals CarFi, A Fairly Attractive In-Car 4G LTE Wireless Hotspot For Up To 10 Devices

The announcements are coming fast and loose out of Mobile World Congress. Huawei has been steadily sharing new phablets, watches, and more. One of the less conventional gadgets to join the company's lineup includes a Wi-Fi hotspot designed for automobiles, dubbed CarFi. It has been designed to share a 4G LTE connection with up to 10 devices simultaneously, and it doesn't look half bad.

CarFi is similar to many other cellular hotspot devices, but it plugs directly into the DC port found in most cars and trucks. Naturally, it requires an activated SIM card for service, and it supports up to 150 Mbps with LTE category 4.

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PSA: The Nexus 9 Folio Keyboard Case Has Dropped By $42 To $88 On Amazon—Recent Buyers Should Go Request A Price Match Refund Stat

The Nexus 9's folio keyboard case is an expensive accessory, even by Google's standards. The product, which both protects the tablets and supplies a Bluetooth keyboard, comes in at $129.99. But Amazon has recently dropped its price to $88, a difference of $42.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 at 10.24.00 AM

The case is already out of stock, but if you recently purchased one at its previous price, you can get Amazon to refund you the difference. Artem was able to get a refund despite pre-ordering one back in October, just by contacting customer support.


Some stores may be willing to price match Amazon if you make the request, but that's an experiment you will have to try for yourself.

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8BitDo NES30 Bluetooth Controller Review: Everything Old Is New Again

Nostalgia has the peculiar tendency to improve things with age. Despite the fact that a new luxury sedan might be objectively better in every way than, say, a '69 Chevelle, a collector might expend hundreds of hours and twice as much money restoring the original Chevy. Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in the gaming world, where players seem to venerate the games, systems, and companies that they grew up with.


The NES30 is a Bluetooth controller that taps into this nostalgia. It's a shameless rip-off of the controller that came with the Nintendo Entertainment System, one of the most iconic pieces of electronics in history and, for many, their very first taste of video games.

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HTC Dot View App Updated With Wallpaper Personalization, Redial For Three Most Recent Calls, And More

Leading up to the launch of the One M8, HTC started posting some of its apps to the Play Store. This arrangement allows it to roll out changes to particular apps without having to issue firmware updates, which is what it has recently done. The HTC Dot View app has gained a number of new features that expand upon the functionality owners of the accessory can tap into.

DotView1 DotView2 DotView3

The update brings in the ability to select your own image to use as the case's wallpaper. In addition, the case will now allow users to redial the three most recent phone calls, and they can swipe left or right to switch between notifications.

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Automatic Link Review: The One Nag Whose Yammering Might Actually Improve Your Driving

I love to drive. No, seriously. I'm someone who actually enjoyed commuting to work, back before I landed my first gig putting words on the web. I'll gladly run to the grocery store to knock a few items off our shopping list, then sometimes head back on the same day to pick up something we forgot. If a friend lives less than two hours away, then they're local. Let's hang out this weekend.

The thing is, all this driving burns through gas, which in turn burns through funds. As fun as it is to gun it when the traffic light turns green, coast in the left lane on the interstate, or brake as briefly and as rarely as possible, these actions all impact how much drivers have to spend down the line, both in fuel and maintenance.

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Nod Bluetooth-Enabled Gesture Control Ring Goes Up For $149.99 Pre-Order, Ships This Fall

Before the end of this year, the Nod ring may just offer perhaps the sleekest way yet to control your Android devices, smart TV, computer, and other devices using the Force - ahem, Bluetooth. Just by sliding this gadget onto a finger, users should be able to replicate swipes and mouse movements with a wave of the hand.

Prior products haven't really nailed this type of interaction in a way that's really usable in a practical sense. Whether Nod will perform any better remains to be seen. It's available for pre-order at a price of $149.99 starting today, with the final product eventually shipping out this fall.

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[Deal Alert] Automatic Link OBD2 Adapter Available On Amazon For $79.99 (20% Off)

The Automatic Link is the iPhone of OBD2 adapters. It's typically priced at $99.99, a price up to ten times higher than what competing hardware goes for on Amazon. What the product has that those alternatives don't, primarily, is a dedicated app that came to Android earlier this month. The gadget is currently available on Amazon for $79.99, 20% lower than its usual price.


People willing to experiment with other apps such as Torque or Dash can save themselves a few bucks by using any OBD2 adapter they wish, but others who would prefer a more plug-and-play experience may opt to pick up the Automatic Link.

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