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[Deal Alert] Highly Rated Omaker 15600mAh Dual 2.1A External Battery Pack $22.99 After $7 Coupon On Amazon

If you need a big external battery for traveling, camping, or to have around in case of an emergency, then listen up. Amazon has the Omaker 15600mAh Portable Charger Power Bank (and that's the abbreviated version of the product name, whew) with dual 2.1A output USB ports on sale today for $22.99 after applying a coupon code. That's a whole lot of mAh's for not a lot of money.

As far as power banks go, the Omaker is a pretty handsome device.

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[Updated] Deep Review: Primo Power Core 8200 mAh Portable Battery Pack - Juice When You Need It, And A Whole Lot Of It

If there is one thing I constantly have to think about on a pretty much daily basis, it's juice. Not the kind of juice you pour yourself in the morning at breakfast, but the kind that is needed to power by insatiable electronics on the go. Last August, Phonesuit sent me a review unit of their 1000 mAh Primo Cube, but this year they really stepped up their game and sent over a whopping 8200 mAh portable charger called the Primo Power Core, compared to which the Cube is a mere drop in the bucket.

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