'Shoot Many Robots' Lands On Android, Just Please Don't Kill Andy

"Shoot the robots, kill them all, in the park, at your house, or even at the mall.

Shoot them high, and shoot them low, shoot them stop, and shoot them go. Shoot them here and shoot them there, you can shoot them anywhere!"  -Nurse Seuss (Dr. Seuss' lesser-known cousin, for obvious reasons)

If you remember that childhood story and developed a deep-seated hatred for robots as a result, the time has come to Shoot Many Robots. The game, which has been available for a while on other platforms, including PS3, Xbox, and PC, has finally made its way to Android.

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Google Currents Update Adds Support For Audio Playlists, Media Bars, And Audio Controls

Google released an update to the news reader it hasn't abandoned today, adding a bunch of support for audio-centric features. Playlists are now available for editions that contain audio content, and users will be able to play, pause, and jump forward or backward in the playlist. There are even status bar controls added for when audio is playing, so you don't have to sit staring at a blank playback page while listening.

Here's the full change log:

What's in this version:

* Audio playlist for editions with audio
* Audio media bar in app for stop, start, next, previous
* Story scanner audio icons for launching Audio directly
* Status bar audio controls when Currents audio is playing
* Syncing post read state between devices
* Bug fixes

It sounds a lot like Google is gearing up to make Currents more than just a guided content scraper.

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[Trailer] Frontline Commando: D-Day On Its Way To Android's Beaches In A Landing Craft Full Of Explosions

Gamers, players, and couch potatoes of the Android Entertainment Force. You are about to embark upon a great download, toward which the developers have striven these many months. The eyes of the Play Store are upon you. The hopes and prayers of war shooter-loving players everywhere march with you. In company with our brave Allies and brothers in arms on the IAP fronts, you will bring about the destruction of the microtransaction war machine, the elimination of nickel-and-diming tyranny over the oppressed peoples of the Android ecosystem, and security for ourselves in a free-to-play world.

Your task will not be an easy one.

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Handy Photo From Developer Of TouchRetouch Makes Photo Editing Too Good To Be True, Reality Is Now Adjustable On A Phone [Updated]

There's nothing better than finding one of those rare apps that seems to do the impossible. Every time I try a piece of software, I have a tiny hope that it will be so good that I'll want to describe it as magic. As a photo editor, Handy Photo is definitely invoking some kind of witchcraft. This impressive app comes from ADVA Soft, the brilliant team responsible for TouchRetouch. Many of the same amazing powers have made their way into this new entry, but it goes much further. Let's just start with the video, which despite the marketing speak in the beginning, is pretty mind-blowing.

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Oil Rush Brings Beautiful Real Time Strategy To Mobile, But Only Invites Snapdragon S4 Devices To The Battle

Since the dawn of mobile gaming, a handful of genres have struggled with the transition to tiny screens, while still keeping usable controls. Oil Rush is Unigine's attempt at one of the most daunting categories, real-time strategy. The game doesn't come with just another slightly different control scheme, it's equipped with a full storyline, high end graphics, and voice actors! Oh yeah, and a pretty high price tag...


Set during a post-apocalyptic war in which a nuclear weapon has melted the ice caps and flooded Earth, the remaining inhabitants fight to control any last remaining oil reserves. Players are introduced to the story by beautiful cinematics and skilled voice actors, with the main character and narrator sounding like a raspy Malcolm McDowell.

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Jawbone UP App Available For Android - Lets You Track Your Daily Exercise, Sleep Patterns, And Calorie Consumption

Did you enter 2013 with visions of eating healthily, becoming more active, and staying fit? Not so easy a few months down the line, is it? The good news is that Jawbone may have just provided you with that extra boost that you needed, as the UP app is finally available for Android.

On the surface, the Jawbone UP wristband is comparable to the Nike+ Fuelband, although with the app in tow it allows you to take a more holistic view, tracking your sleep patterns, looking at how you eat every day, and how much exercise you do.

UP-move UP-sleep UP-meal

The data regarding your daily exercise and sleep is stored within the wristband and will transfer to the app whenever you sync, but if you want to check your eating habits you'll have to put in a little bit of extra work.

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Facebook For Android Gets A Small Update, Brings Better News Feed Controls, Improved Group Messaging, And More Profile Management

Facebook may have circumvented the Play Store for one recent update, but it looks like the company decided it would take a more official route for a small bump that just hit. In this version of everyone's "favorite" social network, you'll be able to change your profile pic, hide stories and report spam in the News Feed, and get to group messages in fewer taps. Exciting.


Aside from that, well, there's nothing. It's still the same Facebook, where you can watch your friends and family argue over politics and religion, whine about everything horrible in their life, and ask for help on 4 pics 1 word.

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[APK Teardown] Gmail 4.3 - Seven Unused Notification Actions, 'Whoosh Zoom,' And Some Kind Of Half-Working Google+ Integration

Gmail 4.3 recently hit the streets, bringing with it a long-awaited (by me, at least) ability to archive email directly from the notification panel. It's awesome. But what else did Google sneak into our phones and tablets with this update? Let's find out.

Fair warning: this is going to be one of those teardown sessions that raises more questions than answers, so bring your speculation hat.

Experimental Preferences

Gmail has always had this wacky file in it called "experimental_preferences.xml." I've mostly ignored it, because it has only ever had two relatively-boring things in it: "full text search," which works already; and "Enable drag and drop contact chip," which would let you type a name into the "To:" field and move it to something like "CC:" by dragging it.

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Vonage Mobile Updated With On-The-Fly Video Calling Between Customers

If you're a user of Vonage's mobile app, it just got a bit more interesting. As of the most recent update, you can now video conference with other Vonage Mobile customers for no additional charge. While that's a nice addition in itself, the coolest part is that you can transition between voice and video calling on-the-fly. Basically, that means you can switch from voice to video – and vice-versa – without ever leaving the call. That's pretty rad in itself.

1 2 3

The updated app's address book will also display which of your contacts have the feature, so you'll know who can video chat at a glance.

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DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom Is Full Of Sword-Choppy, Hacky-Slashy, High-Res Action

Sometimes, the modern world is just too much, you know? Video recording glasses and self-aware phones. It makes you miss the old days where when someone made you upset, you didn't bicker with them on Twitter. You just ran them through with your sword. That's the escapist fantasy that DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom offers. The game is set in a medieval time when monsters roam the land and you have to gut them to win loot.

The graphics are impeccable and the gameplay is engaging. You play as the third-person hero of the kingdom, swinging your sword around, leveling up skills and bashing around imps and goblins.

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