Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S4 Available Today, AT&T Shows Off Aurora Red Version Ahead Of June Launch

Attention, Verizon-shackled Samsung fans (like me): the Galaxy S4 is available today. Like, right now - you could probably drive down to the Verizon store and it would just be sitting there, waiting for you to fondle its 1080p screen. If you want to take it home, it'll cost you $199.99 with a new or extended two-year contract. Still clinging to that unlimited data like the last slice of pizza in the frat house? You can purchase the contract-free version for $649.99. Naturally, you can buy one online as well.

image_-_front_-_red_gs4_201305220757022 image_-_back_-_red_gs4_201305220757021

The Verizon GS4 comes in the standard blue black and white shades, but carrier rival AT&T has decided to glitz things up a bit with an Aurora Red version.

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[Bonus Round] Blip Blup, What's The Phrase Free, And Gameloft's Epic

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got a new puzzle game from noted developer ustwo, Zynga's latest attempt to enslave minions via word games, and another licensed title from Gameloft. Without further ado:


Blip Blup

Developer ustwo has cultivated a reputation for simple, unique titles, and Blip Blup is no exception.

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[How-To] Root The Verizon Galaxy S4 With No Device Wipe Necessary

Give the community enough time and almost any device can be cracked open, no matter how determined a carrier or OEM is to keep it locked down. The Verizon Galaxy S4 has proven a tough nut to crack, but a new root method is much less convoluted than previous ones. Just flash a kernel, run some tools, flash again, and you're done! Well, it's a little more involved than that, but not much. Here's how you do it.


First up, grab the necessary tools:

  • Samsung Official USB Drivers - Link
  • ODIN v3.07 - Link
  • VRUAMD2 Pre-release Kernel - Link
  • VRUAMDK Stock Kernel - Link
  • Motochopper Root Exploit Tool – Link

ODIN is a tool used for flashing firmware and kernels on Samsung devices.

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[New App] Glide Instant Video Messaging Now Available On Android, Currently In Beta

Love using Skype and Hangouts but have friends or family that are rarely available to video chat? Glide is an attempt to solve that problem by taking an asynchronous approach to instant messaging. Here's the concept: conversationalists can login with their Facebook credentials, join a chat room, and respond to one another with videos up to 42 seconds in length. Videos are stored in the cloud, available for playback either immediately or some time after their initial posting. There isn't any message limit and data retention is currently unlimited – you won't see your videos disappear in the foreseeable future.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (2)

Glide, which launched on iOS early this year, is the brainchild of Israeli company Glide Talk.

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[New App] Cloudee (From The Makers Of Boxee) Makes It Easy To Share Videos With Limited Groups

Remember Boxee? It was a great little DIY set-top streamer, and it might still be, if Roku wasn't so cheap. The company's latest endeavor is a cloud video sharing service, cleverly called Cloudee, and the Android app just landed. You might think that the functions in a cloud-based video upload service are eclipsed by YouTube, and for most situations you'd be right. But Cloudee focuses on sharing videos with specific individuals or groups, and it does so very well, with an interface that's easy on the eyes.

unnamed unnamed (3) unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

There's nothing too complicated here: take a video, open the app, and upload it to Cloudee's servers.

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Rant: CTIA 2013 - Why You Didn't See Any Android Police Stories Out Of "America's Largest Mobile Event"

CTIA is, supposedly, the largest tech convention focused on mobile in the United States. In fact, it has generally been one of Verizon and Sprint's favored handset launch venues in recent years. The EVO 4G was announced at CTIA. So was the EVO 3D. The Galaxy Tab 8.9. The DROID Incredible 4G. Even last year's relatively low-key show brought a few noteworthy nuggets.


This year, though, is a wasteland. The only new handsets launched were a couple of ruggedized Kyoceras with absolutely dismal specifications. And the show floor itself is insufferably dull - here's who doesn't have a booth at CTIA 2013.

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Men's Room Mayhem Awards Players For Leaving One Urinal Empty Between Patrons, As It Should

Most men seem to understand the unspoken rules of bathroom etiquette. They get in, they do the deed, and they get out with as little awkward contact as necessary. But there's always that one guy who messes things up - that jerk who walks in and stands at the urinal next to yours when there was clearly another free one available. It's too late to educate that guy, but hopefully the next one will play Men's Room Mayhem before he makes the same mistake.



Ripstone's latest game puts gamers in the shoes of a bathroom janitor tasked with making sure the whizzers that walk in aim their tackle in the right direction.

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Bitdefender's Clueful Spots Privacy Leaks, Keeps Your Apps Honest [Sponsored Post]

We briefly touched yesterday on Bitdefender's new privacy protection utility Clueful, but today we'd like to take a closer look at everything the app has to offer, along with what makes it stand out from the crowd.

For those who may not have caught yesterday's post (where we're also giving away two Galaxy S4 i9500s and two HTC Ones), Clueful is best described as a "personal privacy consultant" that offers full details of what your apps are actually doing behind the scenes. This includes details about which apps can potentially send your personal information and/or identity to third parties, track your location, have access to "sensitive data," show "very intrusive" ads, and much more.

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PSA: Photos Shared Via Google Hangouts Will Spam Your Google+ Photos Account, But Some Of You Might Like That

If you hadn't noticed already, any pictures shared with or by your friends during a Google Hangouts chat will automatically sync up with Google+ Photos, organized into albums by conversation. These images are uploaded even if automatic back up is disabled inside the Google+ app. New albums can be found under the "Albums" tab and are titled Hangout: [Your Name]  ● [Contact's Name] unless you explicitly gave your hangout a title, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding them.


I imagine this feature will provide peace of mind to people who hold mission-critical conversations via Google Hangouts. As for me, I'm afraid it will just be spammy.

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Google Play Magazines Updated To V2.0, Now Uses Card UI In The Magazine Library And New Slide-Out Navigation

Google is going a little nuts with the card UI updates today – first Drive, and now Play Magazines. Today's update brings Google's magazine-reader to version 2.0, and makes it overall easier to use and nicer to look at – both welcome additions to an already-good app. Besides the new Card UI that replaced the terrible rolodex style called StackView, Magazines followed suit and adopted the new slide-out navigation drawer that we first saw in Google Earth and Shopper.

1 2

Other than the pretty factor, this version contains some "bug fixes"... and not much else. Of course, considering the app is designed purely for reading/looking at, aesthetics are key, so that makes sense.

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