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[Bonus Round] Democracy Vs Freedom, Atomas, Outpost Command, And The WUUUUUUUUUUUU

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got a democratic tank battle game, a strategic minimal online battler, an atom-smashing puzzler, and the most singularly terrifying thing I've ever seen on a phone screen.

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[Update: It's Live] You Will Soon Be Able To Add Showtime To Your Hulu Subscription For An Extra $9 A Month

Watching Hulu already feels more like cable than Netflix. You have access to shows shortly after they air, and you still have to sit through commercials. Starting next month, you will also be able to expand your subscription with premium content.

Hulu is partnering with Showtime to let subscribers stream the latter's large selection of shows.

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Google Expands Android One Into Pakistan With The QMobile A1 For 11,500 Rupees

Google continues its Android One expansion, marching over Kashmir from the original Indian launch market and into Pakistan. The new rollout was announced on Google's Asia-Pacific blog, along with the country's first Android One device, the QMobile A1. This phone is more or less identical to the Android One devices already launched in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Turkey, and the Philippines. It's available today from cell phone retailers all over the country for 11,500 Pakistani Rupees (about $113), but it doesn't look like QMobile has an online shop.

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Some Android Users Are Seeing 'Did You Mean...' Corrections In Google Search Suggestions

Anyone who's used the Internet for a few days knows that Google (and all the other search engines at this point) will suggest alternative search terms if the algorithm determines that you've made a typo or a mistake. At least one user is now seeing this behaviour on the Android app version of Google Search, and seeing it before you would expect to: right in the drop-down search results that appear before you actually press Enter.

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The Android Version Of The Dolphin Nintendo Gamecube/Wii Emulator Is Coming Along Nicely - Here It Is Running On A SHIELD TV

Emulating games is hard, y'all. There are a ton of classic game emulators for Android, and most of them work really well... replicating relatively ancient, low-power hardware for two dimensions. Even something like the 20-year-old PlayStation is difficult (but not impossible) to emulate on the latest mobile hardware, which is objectively about a hundred times more powerful. That's what you get when console makers create more or less customized hardware and software that doesn't have to play nice with any other platforms.

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Pre-Order 'This War Of Mine' For Android And Get PC Version Instantly, Plus 15% Goes To Charity

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes good things happen to bad people. Sometimes things just happen. This unpredictability and grim reality forms the premise behind This War of Mine, a PC game from developer 11 Bit Studios that is on its way to Android.


This War of Mine grapples with the struggles of surviving in a city that's held under siege. You don't pick up firearms and shoot your way out the way most video games would have you confront the issue.

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AT&T Galaxy S5 Receives Hefty Performance And Security-Related Update, While LG G3 Gets McAfee Factory Reset Protection


Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Specs And Release Date

    Chipset and software

    Platform Samsung Exynos 7420
    Processor Octacore, 4x ARM A57 cores @ 2.1GHz, 4x ARM A53 cores @ 1.5GHz.
    Process size 14nm
    GPU ARM Mali-T760MP8
    Cellular modem Shannon 303 aka "Exynos Modem 303"
    Storage 32/64/128GB (UFS 2.0)
    Android version shipped 5.0.2 "Lollipop"

    Announcement and release dates

    Announcement date March 1st, 2015
    Initial retail availability April 10th, 2015


    Dimensions 5.1" 1440x2560 "Quad-HD" / QHD
    Panel type Super AMOLED
    Display protection Corning Gorilla Glass 4

    Power, data, and ports

    Connector microUSB, USB version 2.0
    Battery 2550mAh, non-removable
    Quick charging Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging @ up to 15 Watts (works w/ Qualcomm Quick Charge)
    Wireless charging Qi (WPC) and PMA (Rezence)
    SIM type Nano (tool required for removal)
    microSD slot No

    Wireless connectivity

    Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac 2.4-5GHz with MIMO
    Bluetooth Version 4.1 w/ LE
    Mobile data 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE (support varies by market)
    Voice over LTE Support varies by market

    Camera (rear)

    Max still resolution 16MP
    Video resolution 480p-2160p (4K), 30-120FPS (120FPS only available at 720p, 60FPS only at 1080p)
    Flash Single LED
    HDR Stills and video

    Camera (front)

    Max still resolution 5MP
    Flash No
    Video resolution 480p-1440p (QHD) @ 30FPS
    HDR Stills only

    Other features

    NFC Yes
    Infrared Yes
    Fingerprint scanner On home button, touch-style
    Heartbeat monitor Near camera flash


    Weight 138g (S6), 132g (S6 Edge)
    Height/width 143.4mm/70.5mm (S6), 142.1mm/70.1mm (S6 Edge)
    Thickness 6.8mm (S6), 7.0mm (S6 Edge) (excluding camera bulge)


    The Samsung Galaxy S6 was introduced by Samsung on March 1st, 2015.

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    Sony And IFTTT Want To Automate Your Life With New Lifelog Channel

    IF This Then That, or IFTTT for short, lets you automate the way products and services interact with one another. Want to receive an email every time your camera uploads an image to Dropbox? Go right ahead. Want to adjust the thermostat when your car nears the home? You can do that too.

    Now Sony and IFTTT have worked together to produce a new channel using the Lifelog API. The channel lets you integrate the activity tracking you've done from a SmartBand or the Sony app with other services to accomplish all sorts of things. Some of the examples provided include posting a Facebook status every time you take a certain amount of steps, automatically sharing calories burned to Google Drive, and receiving an email summary of your daily Lifelog activity.

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    [APK Teardown] Google App v4.8 Prepares For 'Ok, Google' Offline, Voice Commands To Control Volume And Brightness, And Much More

    Most of the app updates this week were relatively quiet, with the notable exception of Play Music with its new ad-supported radio feature. That doesn't have to mean some of the updates don't have something new to offer. The Google app (formerly "Search") was bumped up to v4.8 yesterday, but it doesn't seem to have any noticeable changes right now. However, a look under the hood reveals some pretty interesting features on the horizon.


    Disclaimer: Teardowns are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete evidence. It's possible that the guesses made here are totally and completely wrong. There is always a chance that details may change or plans may be cancelled prior to the launch of a new feature discovered in a teardown.
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