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Latest Breakdowns: Top 10 Android Devices, Operating System Share, Satisfaction Levels, And Other Stats

Today we're having a look at AdMob's latest monthly mobile metrics report which includes some information that may be of interest to the Android community, especially developers.

Top 10 Android Devices

One particularly interesting piece of information is their ranking of the top ten Android smartphones in terms of market share, based on data collected by AdMob in May of this year. You can view the list and each handset maker’s own market share below.

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Rumor: Minimum Specs For Android 3.0 Gingerbread; Aims For Complete Break From Android 2.1/2.2

A leak provided by Mobile-review’s Eldar Murtazin has confirmed some concrete system requirements for Android 3.0 Gingerbread. His information confirms what has been expected; Gingerbread is going to be a major release for the Android platform. Here’s the summary, translated from Murtazin’s podcast “Digestiv” by’s Staska…

  • Android 3.0 Gingerbread will be released in mid- October (around 15 -16th), 2010. First handsets shipping in November/December – for the Holiday Season.
  • Minimum hardware requirements for Android 3.0 devices are: 1GHZ CPU, 512MB of RAM, displays from 3.5” and higher.  (We all, of course, heard that Android handsets with 2GHz CPU’s are coming)
  • New 1280×760 resolution available for the devices with displays of 4” and higher.
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    Newest Android 2.2 Froyo For Droid Allows Update From Rooted Eclair 2.1 Droids, Older Froyo Builds

    MyDroidWorld founder p3droid is reporting that he has obtained an official Google update of Android 2.2 dubbed FRF84B. The version proximity to the Nexus One’s official Froyo update (FRF85B) is certainly uncanny. Based on the large file size, it appears to be a full ROM. Unfortunately, no official Google link for the client is available, only p3droid’s rooted (read: now technically unofficial) version. The update comes with superuser permissions for root only apps, as well.

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    Droid X Internal Files Leaked - Boot Screen and Keyboard Ports Follow

    Some lucky new Droid X user has leaked a Droid X system dump (the phones internal files). As a result, you can now download anything found on the Droid X – wallpapers, ringtones, apps (such as the video editor, backup assistant, and photo app), and boot animations. Not only that, but the legion of Android hackers is hard at work porting various features from the X – such as the multi-touch keyboard (which has already been ported to the Incredible) and the boot screen.

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    Google Reports 160,000 Android Activations Per Day; Plan For Global Domination Falling Nicely Into Place

    During today's press conference held by Google, Motorola, and Verizon, Google revealed that 160,000 Android devices are being activated per day.

    If the gravity of that escapes you, let me draw comparisons to the record-breaking sales of the iPhone and iPad:

    • Excluding the iPhone 4 launch, Apple averages approximately 246,000 phone sales per week
    • Mac sales are estimated to be 110,000 units per week
    • iPad sales are estimated to be 200,000 per week

    Extrapolate the 160,000 Android device activations per day and you come up with 1,120,000 Android activations per week - that's more than twice the combined total for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

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    Verizon’s New Superphone - The Droid X - Goes Official. $199, July 15th Launch, All Details Now Live

    There have been plenty of leaks and rumors about the Droid X for the past few weeks, but now that it has been officially revealed, it looks even better. Here are all the official specs:

    The Specs

    • 4.3” Screen (854 x 480)
    • 720p recording
    • 8 megapixel camera with Dual LED flash
    • 1 GHz processor
    • HDMI out
    • Android Eclair 2.1 at launch, to be upgraded to Froyo 2.2 in “late summer”
    • A radically changed version of Motoblur on top
    • 8 GB onboard memory, and ships with 16 GB micro SD card
    • 3 microphones, one used for noise cancellation
    • Shipping with Swype

    Price and Plans

    The phone is going to run you the usual $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate, and the unlimited data plan will cost $29.99 a month, with the optional tethering plan to cost $19.99 a month for the ability to have up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices connect to the phone.

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    The Wait Is Over - Android 2.2 Froyo Source Out Today!!!

    What a day! We were hoping for this but never expected it to actually happen - Andy Rubin, VP of engineering at Google and one of the main guys behind Android, just announced that the Froyo source is going to be available today:

    1:41PM Andy Rubin: "If you're a third party developer who's built an app for Android, you can talk to it from the cloud." Talking up Froyo -- it's being open-sourced as of today.

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    Droid 2 Sneak Peak: First Impressions

    One of Gizmodo's readers Zack unexpectedly stumbled upon an upcoming Motorola Droid 2 at a tech show and didn't hesitate to snap some pictures and play around with this Droid successor.

    Here are the main points of his review, in my favorite bullet point style, to save you some time:

    • about the same size as the original Droid
    • dark chrome overall color instead of the black
    • feels really nice - more curves, fewer edges
    • different button placement as the original, both on the outside and on the keyboard
    • blue coloring around the keyboard instead of gold
    • there is now a dedicated voice search button on the keyboard and the horrible d-pad is gone, replaced by cursor keys
    • no more lip on the right side with phone open
    • the Droid 2 name might change - Motorola reps are unsure of what it will be yet
    • same 5MP camera, though noticeable faster
    • most likely will come with vanilla Froyo - not Ninjablur
    • 8GB internal memory, 8GB micro-SD card
    • 1GHz processor

    Droid 2 Sneak Peak: First Impressions Droid 2 Sneak Peak: First Impressions

    Droid 2 Sneak Peak: First Impressions

    And here's Zack's full account if you want the original:

    I am a summer intern at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) this summer and today there was a tech show on the lab.

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    Verizon Updates The Droid Site, Offer More Details On The Droid X

    We’ve been hearing a number of things about the upcoming Droid X in the past few weeks, and Verizon have now updated their Droid site, giving us a few more details about their latest and greatest device.

    The page confirms three things that we already suspected of the device. Firstly, it has a 4.3” display, most likely with a resolution of 854 x 480. Originally, when you hovered over the phone, you were told that it has a “720p screen”.

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    AT&T To Customers: You Can Have Any Android You Want, As Long As It Sucks

    If you’ve been paying attention to the news releases regarding the HTC Aria, you know that AT&T will once again be locking down the apps users can install by restricting unofficial app downloading. If you’ve been paying attention for a while now, you also know that they did the same thing to the Motorola Backflip – the only other Android phone they offer.

    Both phones already feature smaller, lower def screens, when compared to their Android brethren available on other networks.

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