[Update: Goal Surpassed!] OUYA Lands On Kickstarter: Say Hello To The Gaming Console Of The Future

We've seen some pretty cool projects show up on Kickstarter: Capta, Pebble, Chameleon, Vavo... and plenty more. Last night, though, one of the coolest projects I've ever seen made its way to the crowd-funded site: OUYA. You may or may not already be familiar with that name, so a little explanation may be in order.

Update: OUYA broke through the $1m barrier in less than 24 hours. I see big things for the future of this startup - keep the donations coming!

First off, OUYA is an open source, Android-powered video game console. That in itself got my attention, but if you really want to see how awesome OUYA is, watch this:

Proposed Specs:

  • Tegra 3 quad-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB Storage
  • HDMI out with 1080p support
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • One USB 2.0 port
  • Wireless Controller
  • Android 4.0.x

This project makes perfect sense to me; with the increase in quality games (and more specifically, games designed for the Tegra 3 chipset), something like this is absolutely brilliant.

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[New App] Live Nation Releases Its App To The Play Store, Lets You Score Tickets On The Go

As predicted by Nostradamus, the "buy concert/event tickets from your mobile device" revolution has been underway for sometime now. But how can I buy tickets without a Live Nation app?! Has been the question on the minds of event-going revolutionaries for many months; it seems time of prophecy is upon us - the Live Nation app is now available in the Play Store.

1 2 3

Props to Live Nation for featuring Rush in their Store listing. Excellent choice.

This app will allow you to see the future [events in your area], bypass the gatekeepers of said events [by purchasing your tickets], be forewarned [of possible sales], and locate like-minded revolutionaries [by using the in-app seating chart].

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[Update: Winners] Win One Of Two Meizu MX 4-Cores From Meizu And Android Police

Update: The winners have been selected. And they are are:

  • Grand Prize
  • Evgeny Moryatov, via Facebook
  • Stan Tan, via Twitter
  • Runner-Up
    • Johnathan Higginson

    Android Police and Meizu are giving away one of two brand-spanking-new Meizu MX 4-Core smartphones, and one Meizu grab bag.

    The Prize

    Two lucky winners will receive a brand-new Meizu MX 4-Core, the latest smartphone from Meizu. These phones are currently only available in China, so this is a rare opportunity to grab one of these devices before its wider debut. Here's what it's packing:

    • 1.4GHz quad-core processor
    • 4" LCD qHD display
    • Android 4.0 with Flyme OS overlay
    • 32GB internal storage
    • 8MP BSI rear camera, 0.3MP front
    • 3G HSPA+ 21Mbps (pentaband)
    • 1700mAh battery


    banner banner2

    In addition, one more winner will receive a Targus backpack stuffed with Meizu merc and various goodies.

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    MyScript Calculator Lets You Write Math Expressions On Your Screen Instead Of Typing Them Out, Is Amazing

    When you were in school, you were told you need to learn how to do math the hard way because "you won't always have a calculator on you". Well, while we now know that your math teacher was about as good at forward-thinking as the dude who said no one would ever need more than 640k of RAM, there has still always been the problem of more complex expressions, including using constants, fractions, exponents and whatnot. Well, while this app won't replace your education on how those concepts work, MyScript Calculator lets you draw your problems rather than type them, making it much easier to get answers to less-than-straightforward expressions.

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    [Game Review] Dead Trigger: The Most Fun I've Ever Had Playing An Android Game

    Once in a while, an Angry Birds or Temple Run comes along in the mobile gaming sphere. Games that are able to hook you with their simple but endlessly entertaining mechanics, and an ability to immediately "dive in" to the game at any time, even if for just 5 minutes (or 3 hours).

    The problem with those games is that they're generally aimed at an audience that has never played video games, or has but doesn't actually love them. This "casual gamer" is a mass market holy grail that many game developers are now trying to tap into. As a result, there are very few great games on any mobile platform that I would classify as being directed toward gamers, somewhat ironically.

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    [New App] Notification History Keeps Tracks Of Notifications, Lets You Find The Source Without Jelly Bean

    In Jelly Bean, Google introduced an incredibly useful new feature that allows users to find the source of a notification by long-pressing on it and selecting "app info." This is fantastic for those occasions when notifications are showing up without a clear idea of what is causing it. The problem is, that's only helpful on devices running Jelly Bean (which isn't a whole lot at this point).

    For everyone else, there's a new app called Notification History.

    1 2

    NH is very simple: it runs as a service, collecting your notifications. Thus, you can go back later and not only check to see which apps are the cause of annoying notifications, but also read or re-read ones that have already been dismissed.

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    Twitter For Android Updated To Version 3.3 - New Push Notification Options, Expanded Tweet Support, And More

    Twitter for Android had been updated to version 3.3, adding support for Twitter's new "expanded tweet" feature, as well as account-specific push notifications. You can now select any account you're following, and using the drop down menu, choose to receive push notifications whenever that account makes a new tweet. Pretty awesome stuff.

    Screenshot_2012-07-10-12-07-15 Screenshot_2012-07-10-12-09-34

    Auto-complete for user searches has become smarter as well, and you can now tap on the avatar of any account from a tweet to go directly to the user page. I've been waiting for that for a while. Oh, and the app now has Twitter's new sideways-Twitter-bird logo.

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    Dropbox Upgrades Its Pro Plans, Doubles Storage Space For No Extra Cost, Adds 500GB Tier

    When Google first announced Google Drive, the company made waves, if not by being better than Dropbox, then at least by being cheaper. 100GB of storage on Google Drive was $4.99 a month to Dropbox's $19.99. Well, today Dropbox is getting closer to being competitive with Google by increasing the amount of storage for its Pro users.

    From Dropbox's blog entry on the subject:

    Today we’re happy to announce that our upgrades are getting a huge upgrade! Dropbox Pro now comes in flavors of 100 and 200 GB, but at the price of the original 50 and 100 GB plans.

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    XDA Creates Original Development Forums For Many Devices, Attempts To Separate Wheat From Chaff

    If there is one major downside to the custom development community, it's that the sheer volume of minor variations in custom ROMs and largely-borrowed development makes it difficult, if not impossible to find real, quality development. XDA aims to change this by creating Original Development forums. These special forums will be reserved for projects that adhere to a set of rules, not the least of which is being largely original work.

    Other criteria for the Original Development forums, from XDA:

    • Official releases of highly original and upstream custom ROMs (built from the ground up with significant original development within them
    • Official releases/development of such original ROMs, perhaps posted by the maintainer or their nominated person.
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    Motorola And AT&T Officially Announce The Atrix HD, Available Beginning July 15th For $99 On Contract

    While this phone doesn't have many secrets left to reveal, Motorola and AT&T just took what wraps were left off of the Atrix HD. Like recently leaked, the Atrix HD has some pretty modern specs:

    • 4.5" ColorBoost display with Gorilla Glass
    • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
    • 1GB RAM
    • 8MP rear shooter, 2MP front camera
    • Android 4.0

    Like the RAZR and RAZR MAXX, the Atrix HD also comes equipped with a Kevlar backing and "splash guard coating," so you should be able to use it to protect yourself from gunfire and take it swimming (Disclaimer: not really.) Motorola has also thrown its Smartactions app into the device, which is basically a Tasker-like solution, albeit not as powerful.

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