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Incoming Update To Google Health Conditions Will Bring Hundreds More Illnesses, Design Improvements, And PDF Downloads

If you've ever searched Google for an illness - mostly common stuff, like Pink Eye or Flu - then you've seen the Health Conditions feature. It's a quick-reference card that provides at-a-glance information like symptoms, how common it is, and a lot more.

Today, Google announced an update to this information that provides a lot of useful improvements, like additional health conditions, an improved look, and - probably most importantly - the option to download all of this info as a PDF so you can show your doctor.

  • Hundreds more health conditions (soon over 900 total, more than double the number we started with) where you’ll get quick at-a-glance info on symptoms, treatments, prevalence, and more
  • Visual design improvements and some more specific triggering so it’s quicker and easier to get the info you need (for example, you can now search for “pink eye symptoms” and you’ll get straight to the symptoms tab)
  • A ‘Download PDF’ link so you can easily print this information for a doctor’s visit—this has been a top request from doctors

They're also including several common tropical diseases that affect people in poorer regions, making it easy for those users to get information and potentially self-diagnose/treat those particular infections.

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T-Mobile Announces Native Video Calling, Available Today On The Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge+

T-Mobile has been pushing some new network technologies lately, like the Advanced Messaging platform announced a few months back. Now it's moving on to video calling by adding native support to its network for select devices. It will require a software update to use, but the experience of placing a video call should be somewhat less annoying.

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NVIDIA Pushes Upgrade 106 To SHIELD Portable And 1.4 To SHIELD Android TV

If there's one thing to say about NVIDIA's support of SHIELD devices, it's that they're doing a pretty dang good job of constantly pushing enhancements to all three devices - SHIELD Portable, SHIELD Tablet, and SHIELD Android TV.

And today, two of those are getting updates of their own, with a minor update to SHIELD Portable and a slightly larger bump for SHIELD Android TV. Let's start with the former.


SHIELD Portable is currently receiving upgrade 106, which brings a few rather minor - but still useful - enhancements:

This update contains button functionality fixes and security improvements, including:


If you missed the start button from KitKat, it's back.

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QuickPic Developer Addresses Sale To Cheetah Mobile, Says Ads 'Won't Be Coming Soon'

The Android faithful nearly started a riot on the internet last week when the Play Store listing for QuickPic suddenly came under the control of Cheetah Mobile. Now the developer of QuickPic, Nanling Zheng has posted a rundown of the situation on Google+. He says the entire QuickPic team has joined Cheetah Mobile, and you have nothing to worry about. But do you?

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WordPress 4.4 Introduces A New Look When Viewing Page And Post Lists, Post Previews, Stats, And More

The WordPress developers have bumped the Android app up to version 4.4, introducing a number of visual tweaks in the process. Some of them are better for phones than they are for tablets. Whether they're an improvement is for you to judge.

For starters, the page and post list page has changed from two panels into a list of floating titles. You can see the headline, a few lines of text, and a featured image. Edit, Preview, Stats, and Trash options line the bottom.

This change results in less information displayed on tablets in landscape mode than we saw in previous versions.

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Hands On With Android Wear On iOS

Full disclosure: I own an iPhone 6. It's not my daily driver (I use it for testing and design research), but when Android Wear for iOS was announced, I thought it might be fun to connect my Moto 360 to the iPhone and see what our friends using iOS might experience if they decide to pair up with an Android Wear watch.

The app

First things first: the Android Wear app for iOS. In general the experience will seem familiar to Android users. Pair up your watch using its special name/code, then view a video going over the basics, etc. The iOS onboarding process feels a bit laborious, since - if you follow the app's guidance - you'll have to do things like venture into iOS settings to enable bluetooth, double click the home button, and go back to Wear, but it's not unbearable and in practice you can just swipe up the iOS quick settings from the bottom.

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Wacom Announces The Bamboo Spark, A Pricey Pen, Pad, And Case Combo That Lets You Record Digital Writing On Conventional Paper

Do you long for the simpler days of pen and paper? Do you need direct pen input to your tablet or phone for drawing or equations? Do you just want a really nifty folio case to make all the other board members jealous at the next meeting? In all three cases, Wacom has you covered. The famous graphics tablet company is branching further into mobile accessories with the Bamboo Paper, a folio that combines some impressive technology to let you write on standard paper and save your work digitally to Android or iOS.


Here's how it works. The Spark includes a specialized Bluetooth-enabled pen, but it's writing in old-fashioned ink - there's no stylus, powered or otherwise, in the package.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Is Now Available For Purchase From Retailers And Carriers

It's been a while since we've seen Samsung do anything in the high-end tablet market; in fact, the original Tab S was probably the last flagship tablet the manufacturer released. But today marks the nationwide availability of that tablet's successor(s), the Tab S2 9.7 and S2 8.0.

As the names suggest, this pair packs 9.7-inch and 8.0-inch displays, respectively, both using the 4:3 aspect ratio that many users crave (and equally as many users hate). Otherwise, these are both packing some pretty intense hardware under the hood:

  • SoC: Quad 1.9GHz + Quad 1.3GHz, Octacore application processor
  • Display: 2048×1536(QXGA) Super AMOLED
  • OS: Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
  • Camera: 8MP AF(rear), 2.1MP(front)
  • Memory: 3GB(RAM) + 32/64GB internal memory, microSD up to 128GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MIMO (2.4GHz/5GHz), Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth®4.1 BLE
  • Sensor: Accelerometer, Finger Scanner, Gyroscope, Compass, Hall Sensor, RGB Sensor
  • Audio: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, Vorbis, FLAC
  • Video: H.263, H.264(AVC), MPEG4, VC-1, WMV7, WMV8, VP8.
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Madfinger's Next High-End Freemium First-Person Zombie Shooter, UNKILLED, Is Live On The Play Store

Fans of Madfinger's over-the-top Dead Trigger series have been waiting for a follow-up for some time. Wait no longer, FPS enthusiasts: UNKILLED, the self-styled "best-looking zombie shooter ever made for mobile devices," is now available for wide download on the Play Store. You'll need an Android 4.1 or higher device, about 200MB of storage, and a strong tolerance for shooting things in the face in order to install it, but you won't need any money.

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Google Admin Gets An Updated Material Design Look, New Icon, Richer User Profiles, Bulk Actions, More [APK Download]

It's taken Google more than a year to update its own apps to comply with its new design philosophy, and we're still seeing apps just now receive the Material blessing. Google Admin, the administrator app of Google Apps, is the latest one to get a fresh coat of paint. This follows the update to the Admin web console that we saw back in February this year.

You should know by now what to expect of a Material design look so I won't dwell over that. For a comparison, this is what Google Admin looked like a few days ago and below is what you should see once the app is updated.

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