Woxom Slingshot Review: Is It Enough For Video Amateurs?

When I initially got my hands on a Woxom Slingshot, I couldn't have been more excited: finally, I could put the video camera on my phone to good use, since I wouldn't have to put up with wobbly images any more. Having just upgraded to a new camera, however, I found myself a bit perplexed: I mean, if I have better hardware on me right now, what use is this thing?

Therein lies the answer: because it's portable, useful and universal, it can provide a number of functions that would otherwise be fulfilled by other devices. It won't do those functions as well as those devices, but when the inspiration strikes and you need to film something right now, it's invaluable.

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This Greasemonkey Script Lets You See All 'My Apps' On One Page And Filters Between Free/Paid In The Web Market

The Play Store's web market has come quite a long way since it was first announced back in February of 2011. Still, that doesn't mean it's perfect - among others, there are quite a few filter options still on the request list. For example, many users want to separate their free and paid apps in the My Apps interface. Thanks to a Greasemonkey script Artem just stumbled across, now you can.


That's not all this ingenious script does, either: it also lets you see all of your apps on one page by adding a resizable handle to the bottom right corner of each box.

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A&E Releases 'History Here', An App That Highlights Historical Locations All Across The U.S.

Ever wonder if anything interesting happened in your home town or surrounding areas in the days of old? Thanks to a new app from A&E TV called History Here, you can use the power of Google Maps to see the historical culture of towns all across the US.

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  • Thousands of exclusive points of interest, written by the history experts at HISTORY.
  • Select your current location with GPS or choose any location across the country.
  • Customize your search to see historic points of interest—from right next door to 100 miles away.
    View images and stream HISTORY video directly within the app.
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[Leak] Jelly Bean For The RAZR M Makes Its Way To The Net, Seems To Work Great

Back when Motorola announced the RAZR M, HD, and  MAXX HD, they promised Jelly Bean before the end of the year. Looks like the M may be first on the list to get the update, because a leaked build (4.1.1/9.8.1Q_25/35) showed up online last night. We chose to hold off on posting, as Artem started this thread on XDA so we could get some feedback before telling users to flash a buggy or incomplete ROM. The initial reports have been good, so we feel comfortable recommending the ROM at this point.

As always, though, there are caveats to be aware of.

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Mophie Powerstation Duo Portable Charger Review: Good For Phones, Hit-Or-Miss For Tablets

Running out of juice in your smartphone or tablet is a part of life. An unfortunate part, no doubt, but it's something that we all have to deal with. As if a depleted battery isn't bad enough, we're not always in an ideal place to recharge, either. In order to combat this annoying quandary, I never leave the house without a portable charger. Having an extra battery that can quickly top off my tablet or phone at any given moment has saved me more times than I can count, and I think everybody should have one. I've spent the last few weeks using the Mophie Powerstation Duo as my go-to charger - let's take a closer look at all it has to offer, shall we?

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[The Android Police Podcast] Episode 31: David Talks Hood Nipples

Welcome to the Android Police Podcast, Episode 31. Don't forget - the Android Police Podcast's live broadcast is every Thursday at 5PM PST (www.androidpolice.com/podcast).

Subscribe to the Android Police Podcast:

The Cast

  • Matthew Smith, Host
  • Bob Severns, Editor, A/V
  • Cameron Summerson, Co-host
  • David Ruddock, Co-host
  • Eric Ravenscraft, Co-host


Carrier 411

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[New App] Chainfire's 'PerfMon' Is A Floating Performance Monitor With A Unique CPU Metric

We all know how useful floating apps can be, so an always-on-top performance monitor makes perfect sense for power users and developers. One such project just hit the Play Store from developer Chainfire, who has already brought us several other useful tools, like CFBench, SuperSU, and FAAPT.

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Simply called Perfmon, this is a floating application that can output certain metrics for monitoring purposes: foreground app, CPU, disk I/O, and network I/O. What makes this app unique, however is its CPU metric called CPU capacity usage. According to Chainfire, it "will take the CPU usage and scale it to what it would be if all cores were running at full capacity."

For example: if you have a 1.6ghz quad-core running a light app, it could be using 10% CPU with only one of the four cores active, and that core running at 200mhz.

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[Exclusive] Download: The Unreleased Gmail 4.2 APK With Pinch-To-Zoom And More

Ok, guys. Start your engines - here's the download and instructions you need to get the leaked Gmail 4.2 up and running on your device. Keep in mind that this is an unreleased version so some things may be buggy or broken, though I haven't run into any problems.

If you somehow don't know what I'm talking about, we have the next, unreleased version of Gmail, and we're finally allowed to share it with you. Gmail 4.2 finally has pinch-to-zoom, a nifty new swipe-to-archive/delete feature, and a bunch of other things. Just for fun I'll embed the video again:


Note: This APK should work on Android 4.0+.

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Softbank Wants A $23 Billion Loan To Buy 70% Of Sprint

As we reported yesterday, there are decidedly loud rumblings that Japanese telecom giant Softbank is in talks to acquire a rather large hunk of Sprint. Today, more information regarding the potential deal has been leaked to Reuters by a person close to the matter, and the numbers are staggering.

Softbank is looking to buy 70% of Sprint, and they're asking for $23 billion in financing from Japanese banks to do it. Oddly, Sprint is only worth around $17 billion, so it's unclear why Softbank wants quite so much, unless they're planning on offering an exceptionally large premium over Sprint's current valuation.

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Getting To Know The Upcoming Gmail 4.2 - Revamped Attachments, Better Navigation, And More!

If you haven't heard, we've got an unreleased copy of Gmail 4.2. Yesterday we showed you the major new features: pinch zoom and swipe to archive/delete, and today we've made a few more discoveries we thought you'd like to know about.

As usual, the old (well, current) version is on the left and the new, unreleased version is on the right.

wm_2012-10-12 13.13.11wm_2012-10-12 13.45.40

Attachments have been totally revamped. For starters, attachments are now below your message, where they belong, instead of above, like in the current version. Here, in the right image, you can see the message text, but you'd have to scroll down to see it on the left.

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