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Google Begins Selling Project Tango Tablet Invitation-Free For $512

Back in April, some Project Tango invitees reported that the tablet development kit's price had dropped from $1024 down to the "special price" of $512. In an email notification to invited buyers, Google advised, "We're opening up sales more broadly, so now is the last chance to buy the device we've reserved for you."

Evidently Google wasn't joking, as today Project Tango can be bought for the same $512 price invite-free from the Google Store.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.41.25 PM

Dropping the invitation requirement just one day before the 2015 I/O keynote is certainly an interesting move, and may suggest that Google will have more to tell us about its 3D sensing and tracking efforts during the conference.

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... URLs Now Support Deep Linking To Apps If They Are Installed, Opening In Browser If Not

If you are sharing a link, you want whoever opens it to access the web service in whichever way makes the most sense on their device. On a desktop, you probably want to see it in a browser. On a mobile device, it often works better to open up that service's app. Google's URL shortening service,, now offers that functionality. The same link will open either app or browser depending on the OS and whether an appropriate app is installed. Deep linking works on both Android and iOS.

This news is maybe most relevant to developers, but it should end up benefiting end users as well since you shouldn't have to deal with the confusion.

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Verizon's LG G4 Pre-Orders Start May 28th, LG G Pad X8.3 Available In Stores Same Day

Verizon will be ready to take your money in exchange for an LG G4 tomorrow, May 28th. The phone won't be in stores until June 4th, but pre-orders will start shipping before then. Also on the 28th, you'll be able to walk into a Verizon store and walk out with the new LG G Pad X8.3, which leaked a few weeks ago.


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How To Make Sense Of All The Different Nexus 6 Builds: Why They Exist And What It All Means

Ever since Android 5.1 began rolling out to the Nexus 6 a few months ago, there have been numerous builds at the same time, depending on country and carrier. This can be a lot for even the most hardcore of Nexus fans. Fret no more, however. We are here to help.


This post is intended for people who have locked bootloaders and flash OTAs - you know, the people who keep their phones stock. While I realize that a lot of Android Police's readership are power users, a very large number of us, myself included, have neither the time nor sufficient amounts of interest to unlock bootloaders, root devices, etc.

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Android M To Introduce Granular Permission Control

Remember App Ops? Back in Jelly Bean 4.3, the feature could be accessed by resourceful users to switch on or off permissions for individual apps. By KitKat 4.4.2, the feature was completely hidden from users. Google's explanation was that App Ops was never meant for public consumption - it was devised for internal debugging only. But users had gotten a taste of granular app permission controls and wanted more.

After some rumblings earlier this month, we've seen information suggesting that - with Android M - that wish may be fulfilled after all.

Disclaimer: No matter the confidence level, there's always a chance product updates, features, and some or all details will be changed or cancelled altogether.
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[Deal Alert] LG Watch Urbane On Sale For $299.99 From Expansys Today Only

The LG Watch Urbane is currently the best Android Wear device on the market, but it's also the most expensive at $350 direct from Google. You can save a few bucks by purchasing it from Expansys USA, where it's on sale for $50 off. This deal ends tonight, so hurry up.

2015-05-27 14_29_06-Deal of the Day - Expansys USA

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Google Releases Spotlight Stories App With Support For Non-Motorola Devices And A New Story, Free For A Limited Time

Owners of Motorola's newer Android devices are probably familiar with Spotlight Stories. Those are the immersive animated shorts that are available via the built-in Spotlight Player app. Now Google has released a new Spotlight Stories app that has all three shorts from the Motorola experience, but adds a new live-action film called Help.

1 2 3 4

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Chevrolet Just Announced A Ton Of Its 2016 Model Year Cars Will Get Android Auto, Most At No Additional Cost

Want a car with Android Auto? Chevrolet probably just became your best bet: the American automotive giant just announced that 14 (fourteen, that's right) of its 2016 model year cars will get it. The really important part, though, is that 10 of those 14 will come with an Auto-compatible system even at base trim level. That's pretty outstanding.

Here are the cars, which is basically the bulk of Chevrolet's entire 2016 lineup:

  • Spark
  • Cruze
  • Malibu
  • Camaro (and Camaro Convertible)
  • Silverado
  • Silverado HD
  • Colorado
  • Impala
  • Volt
  • Corvette (and Corvette Convertible)
  • Tahoe
  • Suburban

Yes, if you count the convertibles as the same car as their coupe siblings, it's 12 models, but still - damn impressive.

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A Chinese Company Is Making A Smartphone With Two Hot-Swappable Batteries

Removable batteries? Bah. External USB batteries? Child's play. Real power users use multiple batteries to make sure that their phones never turn off within a hundred miles of electricity. Or at least that seems to be the idea behind the M5, an upcoming smartphone from Chinese manufacturer Gionee. According to Weibo, the as-yet-unseen phone will sport two batteries inside its bay, both of which are removable in a hot-swap configuration.

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