Flower Power: Eufloria HD Review

My fondest memories of the original Star Wars films were the starfighter dogfights. The first time you see the assault run on the Death Star, or the ill-fated attack on the second before it was finished, it's really cool to watch a bunch of fighter craft flying around, blowing the heck out of each other. Every once in a while, you can get the same sense of scale and calamity in a game - usually of the real-time strategy variety.

Eufloria is a game that manages to capture this sense of chaos, allowing you to zoom out to see the entire asteroid belt you're capable of conquering, or to zoom in completely to see each individual ship firing lasers at targets.

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update For HTC One S Rolling Out Throughout Europe

We're hearing from tipsters, as well as over on XDA, that HTC has begun the wide rollout of Android 4.1 for a large number of HTC One S devices, all of which seem to be WWE handsets ("WorldWide English"), which are sold by and large in European markets. The software version is 3.16.401.8, and the full update file can be found here, direct from HTC. The size of the update is a staggering 612MB.

oYUEubybN5giiVwvYo-JU4WdjP9Gn0sYU8oysj0sd3E Screenshot_2012-12-24-14-08-57 Screenshot_2012-12-24-15-11-55

According to XDA, the following CIDs are part of the rollout:


There are possibly more, so if your CID isn't in the list but you've received the update, let us know in the comments.

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OG Droid RAZR (And MAXX) Gets Jolly With Jelly Bean As Users Report A Surprise Update (98.72.8) Rolls Out

It may not be all that often that a phone over a year old will still be getting many updates, but lo and behold, it's a Festivus miracle. Users are reporting that the original Droid RAZR/RAZR MAXX is currently seeing an update roll out to Jelly Bean (4.1.2) right now. And to think, this phone launched with Gingerbread.

razrjbupdate1 razrjbupdate2

The update is 331.7MB, so you'll want to get on WiFi before you start the download. Once it's installed your system version will be bumped to 98.72.8, and Jelly Bean will be all yours, and everything that entails, including Google Now, Project Butter, and all the fancy new voice search options.

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52 Best New Android Games From The Last 2 Weeks (12/13/12 - 12/24/12)

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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

This edition focuses only on new games. The app roundup is coming up soon.

Please wait for this page to load in full in order to see the AppBrain widgets, which include ratings and pricing info.

Looking for the previous roundup editions? Find them here.

Featured Game

Ant Raid

Today's roundup is sponsored by Ant Raid by Herocraft. This brand-spankin' new game has you controlling a literal army of ants as they defend their colony from evil snails, bees, worms, and other nefarious backyard baddies.

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[New Game] 6waves And HourBlast Games Release 'Simultaneous Turn Strategy' Dueling Blades

Hourblast Games and 6waves, the publisher of such hits as Strikefleet Omega and OFFWORLD, have released Dueling Blades, a fantasy RPG that combines strategy elements with social networking. What makes this game stand out from the mass of other similar titles is its interesting combat system that's described as "simultaneous turn strategy."

Like the description suggests, the combat in Dueling Blades is turn-based, but the execution of the players' actions happens simultaneously. Additionally, when you add quick time events to the game's formula, you get fights that are an interesting mix of luck, skill, and reflexes. Although the idea is not completely original, Dueling Blades is the first mobile title that combines real-time and turn-based passage of time this way.

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[New Game] Herocraft's Ant Raid Lands On Android To Fight For Queen And Colony

Ant Raid has been a long time coming for Android gamers. After the game received no small amount of notoriety on iOS, Herocraft has finally seen fit to release it to our fair platform, just in time for you to ignore your family over the holidays. Even better, they're discounting it for the launch, so you can pick it up for just a dollar at the moment.

The gameplay is somewhere between Starcraft and Pikmin. You control a continually respawning army of ants as they defend their colony from mutated snails, ravenous worms, and bees, which are pretty disagreeable at the best of times.

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MightyText Release Tablet Companion App, Lets You Send SMS Messages From Your Slate

While text messaging may be one of the easiest ways to get messages across the wire, having lengthy conversations with only a tiny keyboard to type your messages can be tedious and annoying. As a result, apps like TabletSMS, DeskSMS, and MightyText were born. The latter has always made it easy to send SMS from your PC, but thanks to a new app in the MightyText family, you can now do the same directly from your tablet.


Basically, If you're already a MightyText user, the setup should be pretty seamless. If not, you need only install the phone app and get it set up.

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ROM Manager Features A Download Server That Allows You To Easily Transfer Backups To Your PC Over Wi-Fi

One thing that's always bothered me about making nandroid backups is having to keep them stored on my phone – and with the limited storage of the Nexus 4, this rings even more true. Thus, it's not uncommon for me to end up transferring backups to my PC in case I should need them again. Thanks to a new feature implemented into ROM Manager, that process just got a lot easier.

Screenshot_2012-12-24-09-46-35 Screenshot_2012-12-24-10-00-14 Screenshot_2012-12-24-09-46-23

In a nutshell, this new feature enables a download server on your phone that can easily be accessed over Wi-Fi from your PC. Using it couldn't be easier, either – simply jump into the Manage Backups menu, hit the option to Download Backups, and that's basically it.

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Our Enormous List Of Holiday Game And App Deals From The Play Store

If you've finished all your holiday shopping and want to relax by getting something fun for yourself, there are plenty of apps and games for sale in the Play Store to occupy your time. Just like our list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals last month, we've put all the on-sale offerings we can find into one big, easy-to-look-at list for your convenience. From The Adventures of Tin Tin to SwiftKey 3, any Android user should be able to find something enjoyable on our list. Just click the app or game's name to be whisked to the Play Store.

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[New Game] After Significant Delays, HyperDevbox Finally Releases ExZeus 2

Even though ExZeus 2 was announced for this summer, it’s not until this weekend that it finally came to Google Play. The reasons behind the delay of the sequel to ExZeus Arcade (which is currently rated 4.2/5) are unknown, but it’s worth noting that for now the game is only compatible with NVIDIA Tegra devices. Other versions are scheduled to be released by the end of the year.

So, what’s ExZeus 2 all about? To put it bluntly - shooting, shooting, and some more shooting. Yes, you won’t exactly be using your gray cells for this one, but if you’re looking for some mindless fun, it may be worth giving it a chance.

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