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Google Announces 'Works With Cardboard' Program With Design Guidelines, New Partnerships, And More

With Cardboard, it seems that Google is in the middle of an effort to push VR along as quickly as possible by inviting everyone to participate.

Since launching the viewer with an open-sourced design, Google has gone on to promote Cardboard-compatible apps, provide viewer specifications, and publish SDKs, encouraging more developers and would-be Cardboard manufacturers to join the party. Ostensibly the philosophy is that VR will reach its potential faster if everyone works together.

Today, Google has announced a new "Works with Cardboard" program to equip developers and manufacturers with even more tools.

For manufacturers, Google will release a tool that configures any viewer to work with all apps.

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Chrome v43 Beta Releases With MIDI Keyboard Support, Smarter Permission Prompts, And Automatic Copy/Cut Without Flash

It's that time again when Chrome's beta channel updates to give those of us who can't wait for the fun stuff a chance to test things out in a pretty stable environment. The latest iteration, v43, isn't exactly groundbreaking but ships several meaningful changes.

The addition of an API for MIDI devices, like keyboards, probably doesn't affect too many people. Those who will benefit, though, will do so quite a bit. I'm not aware of any web apps that would function for a good working example, but the API added in v43 will allow connected MIDI devices to input as they would with a desktop program.

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Google Appears To Be Testing New Design Tweaks For Its Mobile Web Results Page

It seems like just yesterday when Google was testing a new layout for the search engine results page, with colorful underlines separating search results into individual cards.

That layout ended up sticking, and now it seems Google is at it again, testing some rather pleasing new tweaks for the SERP.

We can't be sure just yet who will see these changes or whether they'll become permanent, but check out the before and after shots provided by a tipster below.

nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-04-16-13-28-41 (1) nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-04-16-13-21-00 (1)

left: current layout right: new layout

The new layout is undeniably more influenced by Google's material design. The only information missing in the new view is one search result and one line of text indicating that a user has visited a results page before (but that may be because the new layout appeared for our tipster only in incognito mode).

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CyanogenMod Says CM Will Not Have Pre-Loaded Microsoft Apps, Provides Some Guidance For Flashing 12.1 Nightlies

While Cyanogen Inc's Cyanogen OS may have other plans, the non-corporate arm of the larger Cyanogen identity, CyanogenMod, has clarified today that the community version of the ROM will not ship with Cyanogen OS's "exclusive partner apps." That means that no, your next CM nightly build will not have any Microsoft junk on it - that privilege is reserved for the exclusive pleasure of OnePlus One and Yu Yureka owners.

The distinction here is that those phones run Cyanogen OS versus the standard, community-developed CyanogenMod. While Cyanogen OS shares a code base with CyanogenMod, Cyanogen Inc can then add software or features into the builds that end up on Cyanogen OS devices, which get the Cyanogen OS name (eg Cyanogen OS 12).

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Google Search Results Now Show App Recommendations For Indexed Apps That Aren't On Your Device

I understand if you don't remember anything about app indexing. It's not a particularly sexy topic. Here's all you need to know for this post—developers who implement app indexing can have their apps show up when users perform relevant Google searches. Say, you're looking for a recipe, and you have an app installed that contains that recipe. Google will point you in that direction.

Before, this only worked with apps that you already had on your device. Now Google is expanding this feature to push you in the direction of non-installed apps as well. So if you search for something and an app that isn't on your phone can provide the answers you're looking for, your results will let you know.

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[Firmware Download] Cyanogen OS 12 Now Rolling Out To The Yu Yureka

The second of the two currently-available CyanogenMod phones is receiving its 12S update today in a staged rollout. The Yu Yureka, a Micromax phone, comes just days after the OnePlus One also received Cyanogen's first release to be based on Google's Android 5.0 Lollipop platform.

If you have a Yureka but haven't been able to get the update over the air, a ZIP file with the firmware can be downloaded here (mirror), though it's quite large - nearly 650MB. If you want to see what's new, Cyanogen Inc has a... frankly pretty bare-bones description here.

Finally, if you want a flashable fastboot or boot debuggable image instead, you can find them at this link.

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Amazon Brings The Creepy With Its New Game 'Lost Within'

I just love creepy stuff. Creepy movies, creepy music, creepy old buildings, creepy dolls and other little toys. Even creepypasta. But most of all, I love creepy games. That thrill of being part of the action...there's nothing quite like it (I mean, except actually being in a situation like that...which I probably don't actually want).


Today, Amazon turned its creepy dial up to 11 with the release of a new game called Lost Within from Amazon Game Studios. It actually reminds me quite a bit of Dark Meadow: The Pact, a creepy rail shooter that came out for Tegra 3 devices a few years ago.

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... 3.0 Provides New Grid View With Zoomable Lists, Android Tablet Support, And More is a to-do list manager, so it makes sense that version 3.0 places an emphasis on managing to-dos. The team has added a grid view that gives you a broader look at all of your lists at once. Picture one for shopping, another for work, and a third for household chores. When you're ready for specifics, you can tap to zoom in and see the items or tasks under each one.

There are now three views available to sort each of these lists: time, list, and priority. The first one can be useful for tracking a project over several weeks, while the latter comes in when you have something important to get done right away.

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[Deal Alert] 105 Dollars Worth Of Free Paid Apps Up For Grabs On Amazon Appstore

Amazon just loves to give away free stuff. I mean seriously, they have free movies, free music, free books, free digital storage, free shipping, and a free cardboard box with every order. Granted, most of those goodies require a Prime membership, but hey, the boxes are really free!


Well, Amazon is up to their normal charitable shenanigans once again today, this time offering up a bundle of paid apps and games on their Appstore for the low price of free (no Prime membership required). There are some good titles in the mix, and others, not so much. – I'll let you shuffle through the lot and decide for yourselves which is which.

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Meerkat Live Video Streaming App Now Available On Android As An Invite-Only Beta

Have you been eagerly waiting to try the Meerkat live video streaming service, which launched as an iOS exclusive? Well you're probably going to have to wait a little longer. Meerkat is now available on Android, but only as a beta. And not a "come on in, the water's fine" Play Store beta, it's an invite-only beta being run from a Google Docs page. Invitations don't seem to be going out widely yet. We don't even have screenshots to show you. See, look down there. No screenshots anywhere.



If you're wondering what Meerkat is, it's basically a fusion of Twitter-based video apps like Vine with live-streaming mobile video.

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