LG Mach Receiving Minor OTA Update To Version ZV7

Sprint is rolling out a small over the air update to the LG Mach this morning, software version LS860ZV7. The update brings a new Sprint TV icon (oh boy!) and "California battery standards compliance," whatever that entails.

LG Mach Software Update - LS860ZV7


- California battery standards compliance

- Updated Sprint TV icon

The update will be rolling out over the next 5 days. For more information, check out the Sprint community post regarding the update, here.


Image courtesy of mgamerz

Sprint Community

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[New App] Quickly Uses Jelly Bean's Expandable Notifications To Put An App Launcher In Your Shade

Notifications have been one of the areas that Android has excelled in since day one. In Jelly Bean, that feature got a boost with the ability to expand a one-line entry, turning it into what is essentially a widget. Quickly happens to be one of the neatest uses we've seen of this new feature. This app creates a persistent notification in your shade that can be expanded to reveal an app launcher.

quickly1 quickly2 quickly3

This app is a first release and the developer notes in the description:

The app was originally meant as a proof of concept, but there was demand, so here!

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[Deal Alert] Sprint's Galaxy Note II Only $70 For New Customers From Amazon Wireless

Hey... you. Yeah, you. The one who always talks about how much you want a Galaxy Note II, but can't justify spending many, many dollars on it. It's time to put away your gadget lust and take the plunge. It's time to buy yourself a new phone already.


Here's the skinny: you want the Note II, and now you can have it for $70. Of course, there's a catch: you have sign a new two-year agreement with Sprint. You see, Amazon Wireless knows your quandary, and The Now Network wants your business. It's like a match made in mobile heaven, and the blessings come to you.

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HTC Rezound And Incredible 2 Receiving Minor OTA Updates

Verizon is rolling out yet an OTA update to the HTC Rezound as of this morning, this one claiming to add "HTC Device Enhancement" (only one enhancement, obviously), so we're not quite sure what's inside. The new version number is 3.14.605.13 710RD, and you can probably expect it to begin rolling out some time this week.


The Incredible 2 is also getting some OTA love, with the some sort of cryptic changelog. Given that we saw a totally unexpected security update to the now-ancient EVO 4G last week, it seems possible these "enhancement" may be security-related as well.


Rezound, Incredible 2

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Solid Explorer Updated With SugarSync Support, Settings Backup/Restore, And More

Despite its slightly controversial conversion from being a free beta app to paid in the final version, Solid Explorer continues to be one of the most powerful, versatile, and best-supported apps on Android – especially in the file manager category. The app recently received an update that makes it even more powerful, specifically in the area of cloud storage: the app now has SugarSync support, as well as improved libraries for Box and SkyDrive.


Those aren't the only improvements wrapped in this update, either:

What's in this version:

-SugarSync support
-backup and restore settings
-ability to set a wallpaper and a ringtone
-creating symbolic links
-last open folder is remembered even after app kill
-charset selection in text editor
-updated Box and SkyDrive libraries
-option to keep the screen on during file transfers
-other minor improvements

If you're looking for a mature, feature-rich file manager, you'll be hard pressed to find one better than Solid.

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Clipper Plus Updated To v2.1, Now Has Cross-Device Sync

If you've been looking for a good clipboard management tool for Android, there's no better time to take a look at Clipper. The app just updated to v2.1, which brings a pretty incredible feature: cross-device syncing. This means you can copy text from one device, and paste it on another. That's just badass.

1 2 3

Of course, there are potential security worries with a feature of this nature – like passwords, for example. Personally, I copy passwords from KeePassDroid quite frequently, and I know Artem uses LastPass to do the same thing. Understandably, this is the type of information that no one wants shared across multiple devices through the cloud.

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[Weekend Poll And News Roundup] Would You Buy An HP Android Tablet?

Last week, a rumor from ReadWrite indicated HP was re-entering the consumer tablet market, with Android-powered hardware. HP's first stab at tablets, the TouchPad, was one of the most spectacular failures in the company's history. But given how well it runs Android, you have to wonder: how would a similar tablet that was actually built for Android fare in the market?


If HP is working on Android tablets - which seems pretty likely, given the death of WebOS and the company's distaste for Windows RT - I personally think it could be a seriously disruptive force.

The company's laptop line has seen a popular resurgence in the last couple of years, and while printers may not be the world's most exciting product, there's little arguing that HP still has tons of brand recognition among consumers, particularly in the US.

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[Deal Alert] Save $50 On The Xperia Tablet S, Plus Score A Free 'Casual Cover' When You Buy Directly From Sony ($110 Total Savings)

OK, Sony may have missed the mark on pricing when it first announced the Xperia Tablet S. At $400 for the 16GB version, it priced the device way out of the market, especially when the Nexus 10 is brought into consideration. Sure, the prices may be the same, but not only does the N10 pack a much higher resolution display, but it also has all the benefits of being a Nexus.

Still, Sony wants a chance to take your money. The Xperia Tablet S is by no means a bad tablet, so to get it into more hands, the company has knocked $50 off the price as part of the President's Day sale when you buy direct from the Sony Store until February 23rd.

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Plex Releases A Beta Version Of Its New App, Available For PlexPass Subscribers Only

A few days ago, Plex announced that a completely redesigned version of its app was getting pretty close to completion, and that a beta build would be available "later this week." Well, it's later this week, and the beta version is now in in the Play Store. Awesome.

As previously noted, it's only available for PlexPass subscribers at the current time. Of course, if you pay monthly or yearly for extra Plex stuff, then you deserve some extra perks. This is one of them, so enjoy it. Unless you don't like things that look better than things that don't look good.

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Official CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies Show Up For the HTC One XL, One S, And EVO LTE

If you're sporting one of HTC's 2012 flagship models – the One XL (evita), One S (ville), or EVO LTE (jewel) – then your day just got a little bit better. The first CM 10.1 nightlies just landed on get.cm for all three devices. This, of course, brings stock Android 4.2.x to the handsets.




Unfortunately, there's still no sign of 10.1 for the "original" One X (endeavoru), but if you're ready to "de-Senseify" one of the aforementioned handsets, hit the appropriate link below. And don't forget to grab the latest GApps!




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