HTC Announces The One: 4.7" 1080p Display, LTE, 'Ultrapixel' Camera, Sense 5.0, And A Whole Lot Of Aluminum

Our own Ron Amadeo is live at HTC's New York press event right now, where the company has just unveiled its new flagship smartphone: the HTC One.

Update: Our hands-on with the HTC One is live: Hands-On With The HTC One - Great Build Quality, Great Screen, Odd Buttons [Video]

HTC One_3V_Black

HTC One_3V_White HTC One_PerLeft_White

The One is sporting a brand-new 4.7" 1080p LCD display, wrapped in an all-aluminum unibody housing that, I have to say, is genuinely striking - no other phone looks like this thing. HTC claims the antennas are integrated into the gapless chassis, so one has to wonder about the effect that'll have on signal.

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[Live Blog] HTC's 'One' Press Event In New York

Live from New York! It's AP at HTC's mysterious press conference. Rumor has is they may announce a new phone. Check out the live feed below for up to the second news and pictures!

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Tegra 4i And Phoenix: NVIDIA's 2.3GHz Quad-Core Plan To Make 1080p And LTE A Lot Cheaper In Your Next Phone

NVIDIA has officially unveiled its smartphone strategy with Tegra 4 this morning, and the star of the show is undoubtedly the new Tegra 4i platform - a low-cost, slightly down-market version of NVIDIA's Tegra 4 chip that was announced at CES in January. And don't worry - the standard Tegra 4 platform will be featured in 'superphones' as well, T4i is all about the low to middle range of the market.

I understand, a budget chip may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world on paper, but remember - NVIDIA's budget Kai tablet platform is what the Nexus 7 owes its existence to.

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Sprint Will Be Pushing A Small OTA Update To The HTC EVO 3D Beginning On February 21

It's been about seven months since the all-but-forgotten EVO 3D saw its last over-the-air update, which brought Android 4.0 to the handset. Sprint hasn't given up on the 3D oddity just yet, however – a small update will begin making its way to the device beginning on February 21st.


It will bring build 2.95.615.4, and include a couple of small fixes and one lone "enhancement:"


  • Sprint Connection Optimizer


  • AVI Files unable to stream or play via DLNA
  • Launching Messaging app loading time

Yeah, it's not very exciting. Nonetheless, when an update hits your phone later this week, at least you'll know what's in it.

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S-Off Now Available For The HTC One X/L, And Droid DNA–Here's How To Do It

So, you want S-Off on your One X/L, or Droid DNA? Done and done. Thanks to a crafty new "hack" by jcase and beaups, S-Off can easily be yours. As always, however there are a few pre-requisites, as well as some caveats to be aware of.

Firstly, you must have working adb and fastboot. If you don't know what that is, a quick Google search can answer it, and tell you how to get it. Your device must also be rooted and have SuperCID, no exceptions. This is requisite.

Devs work hard on exploits like this, and they risk bricking their own devices (or those of testers) in order to make it happen.
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[New App] AnyDash Displays Notifications From Any App In DashClock

More DashClock extensions? Well, people are pretty excited about the functionality DashClock brings. So yes, more DashClock extensions. The AnyDash extension actually opens up a world of possibilities by piping notifications from any app into DashClock. There are a few caveats, but it looks like everyone's favorite clock widget just got much more useful.

1 3 

AnyDash has to be registered as an accessibility app before you can use it. This allows it to sweep up notifications from the Android system and display the appropriate icon in DashClock (nothing nefarious going on here). All you have to do is pick the app you want monitored and choose an icon.

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[New App] DashClock Facebook Extension Makes Your Clock More Social

DashClock is definitely the flavor of the week. Developers are falling all over themselves to build extensions for this multi-talented clock widget, and here's an interesting one. Whether you use DashClock on your lock screen or home screen, the new DashClock Facebook Extension could save you all kinds of frustration.

1 2

3 4

This app is simple – it displays your unread messages and notification count on the DashClock widget so you don't have to pop open the Facebook app as often. You will need to have the DashClock app installed, but Facebook itself is actually optional. You'll log in via the extension and can set the refresh interval from there.

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[New Game] Hexen GLES Brings The Classic Shooter To Android, But Bring Your Own Game Files

Gamers in the mid-90s might remember spending hour upon terrifying hour playing Hexen: Beyond Heretic. The technology might have changed, but now you can get reacquainted with the realm of Cronos in this port from the same developer that brought us the Doom and Heretic ports. However, this game only comes with demo files – you have to provide the genuine article.

Hexen GLS is still the game you remember, but it's been cleaned up a little around the edges. It supports high-resolution screens, dynamic lighting, enhanced particle effects, and controller/Xperia Play input. The dev also plans to keep adding improved graphical effects in future releases.

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New Kickstarter Project From UDS (The Makers Of Capta/Vavo) Called 'Snable' Aims To Put Those Cluttered Cables In Their Place [Hands-On]

As someone with approximately 1600 gadgets laying around the house at all times, I constantly have charging cables everywhere. On the floor. On the desk. On my nightstand. In the kitchen, living room, and even the car. You get the idea. For the longest time, I have used the binder clip trick to manage the flurry of chargers on my desk. But now, UDS – the creators of Capta and Vavo – have a better solution: Snable.

The company was cool enough to send me a couple of pre-production samples made with a 3D printer, so this is the first time that we've actually gotten to spend some hands-on time with a Kickstarter project before it even started funding.

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