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Sometimes you just want to kick back and play a nice dual-stick shooter. Oh, there are plenty of them out there, but Inferno from Radiangames has been one of the finest examples available. Now the predictably named sequel, Inferno 2 has arrived on Android. Get your thumbs ready.


There aren't many premium Android tablets worth your money, but Sony has some solid hardware and the software isn't bad either. You don't even have to settle for one of those clunky 10.1-inch monsters. The Z3 Tablet Compact is an 8-inch tablet with great specs, and the price is getting pretty attractive at Amazon ($430 from about $500).

2014-12-10 01_16_03-Amazon.com_ SONY XPERIA Z3 TABLET COMPACT 16GB (WHITE) SGP611GB 8.0_ INCH WI-FI

In case you're unaware, the Z3 Tablet Compact has an 8-inch 1920x1200 LCD, 4500mAh battery, Snapdragon 801, and 2GB of RAM.


It's been a long and winding road to find the truth behind the recent announcement that Cyanogen Inc. had signed an exclusive deal with Micromax in India. OnePlus made waves when it said that meant there would be no CM updates for the OnePlus One sold in India, but Cyanogen Inc. made a blog post saying all global devices would get updates, and all was well. Except it isn't. A new post on the Cyanogen blog expands on the situation.


Are you all shopped out after the last week? Well, don't stop now, there are app deals to be had. Just a few pixels south of here are some sales, and you know you want to look. Go ahead. Check it out.


Last Updated: December 9th, 2014

Wireless charging is undeniably convenient, but fast it is not. With wired charging getting even faster thanks to Qualcomm-based Quick Charge technology, sometimes it just makes more sense to plug your device in. Maybe that's about to change, though. Freescale Semiconductor says it has a new wireless charging chip that can triple current limits on power transfer.



With the holiday season now fully underway, maybe you've decided to treat yourself to a new Android Wear watch. But what do you do with it once you get it on your wrist? You can only respond to so many text messages from your wrist. That's why we've got this roundup thing we do, that way you'll have stuff on your wrist that makes the smartwatch investment worthwhile. Well, maybe kind of worthwhile.


Update 12/7/14: The deal is back today.

Samsung is really the only game in town if you want an Android slate larger than 10-inches. The Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is a pricey device, though. The retail figure is $649.99, but it usually sells for $549.99. You can get it for more than $200 less on eBay right now, provided you don't mind a refurbished unit.

2014-09-29 14_30_54-Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12 2_ 32GB SM T9000ZKAXAR Android Kit Kat Quad Core Wi Fi

The Tab Pro 12.2 is rocking a 2560x1600 LCD, an Exynos 5 Octa processor, 3GB of RAM, and a 9500mAh battery.


It can help to have a visual aid when trying to get something done, but what sort of style? Most to-do apps use lists, of course. DropTask is a little different—it lets you create flow charts of nested circles to represent the different tasks you have to get done.

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It took a while to get the bootloader situation figured out, but there are finally some ROMs showing up for the LG G3 on AT&T. There's even a build of CyanogenMod 11, which was just posted today. It's a nightly, but it's still official support.

2014-12-05 10_46_07-CyanogenMod Downloads


You know that spiffy hamburger icon animation in the Play Store? Wave goodbye—the new version of the Play Store is hitting devices and it switches to the full height drawer. There's less divisive stuff going on too, like shadows. Who doesn't like shadows?


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