Pamela Hill
Pam is a librarian by day, triathlete by night, and Android enthusiast 24/7. She's typically seen with at least two gadgets on her at a time, although that number can stretch to four or five some days.

sol calendar

Since the ye olde days of wired-syncing on Blackberry, I've loved calendar apps. It's the app I use most on my phone, and so I'm always curious to try out new ones. SolCalendar looks especially lovely, so I gave it a trial run.


Setup was a breeze. It has on-screen instructions and immediately synced with my Google calendar without me having to log in or anything. Interestingly enough, it found a calendar to sync that I don't actually have (Nike Calendar?), but whatever.


Why would you want to watch TV shows on a TV? That’s so 2005. The options for live streaming your favorite TV shows on various devices abound. But until now, the options for live streaming on Android were hard to come by. None of the popular apps (Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, etc.) have this feature. This is why Aereo is different. It has been available for a while on iOS, although curiously not through an app, but via the browser.