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I asked you back in 2013 which streaming music service you paid for - if any - and now a little over a year later, I think it's time for an update. Last time we held this poll, a full 50% of respondents indicated they paid for Google Play Music All Access (at least, it was the paid service they used most), with a sharp drop-off for Spotify, in second place at 14%.


In the realm of wall-tethered wireless speakers, there isn't a great shortage of high-end brands. B&O Play, Sonos, and Bose are probably getting the lion's share of revenue in this space, considering the absolutely bonkers prices of some of their products. They all offer something, too - with B&O, you buy into the striking European style of Bang & Olufsen. Sonos offers a unified, proprietary communication protocol with good platform support and a variety of speakers and price points.


Update: Bans are occurring on at least one other 3rd-party WhatsApp client, WhatsAppMD, so it can likely be assumed that any usage of a 3rd-party WhatsApp client at the moment may get you temporarily banned, at least until workarounds are developed. According to the developer of WhatsAppMD, the fix may be as simple as changing the app signature to match the official app's. If that solution does work, you'll likely see it implemented shortly.


This weekend's poll asks a simple question, but it's an interesting one nonetheless, I think: do you prefer your smartwatch round or square?

The Moto 360 and G Watch R remain the only announced Wear devices with round displays. And, despite their coolness, circles have their downsides - they're unabashedly less efficient when displaying text, especially in a computing world that has been designed around quadrilaterals since the earliest monitors; there are so many interfaces that simply aren't optimized for a circle.


Welcome to the Android Police Podcast Live for Thursday, January 15th! We'll be starting soon - if you don't see a YouTube player, we haven't begun.

Welcome to the home of the Android Police Podcast's live broadcast. We're live every Thursday (unless otherwise noted on the official calendar below) at 5:30PM PST (8:30PM EST) - or perhaps a few minutes after that - every week. This post will be stickied on the Android Police homepage whenever we're broadcasting, so if you see it, we're either live right now, or about to be!


The internet of things may be the most overused, annoying, comically oversimplified tech term of 2014, dreamt up by some winnovator god knows when, but it was the keystone (and keynote) of an increasingly schizophrenic CES that, in the last few years, has been searching for a more cohesive theme.

15 - 1

Yes, that's a carrot. At one of Lenovo's CES party / showcase nights.

CES 2015 was easily the least mobile device-focused CES since 2008, when many companies were still deciding whether or not to respond to the unexpected popularity of the first iPhone.


The cost of smartphones on average, it's no secret, has generally been tumbling around the world in the last couple of years. With many OEMs scrambling to cram specification sheets at lower and lower prices, competition in the low end of the smartphone segment is hotter than ever.

This isn't always how it was, though - nor how it necessarily is in every country. Here in the good old US of A, for example, good cheap smartphones still remain a relative rarity aside from Motorola's Moto G and Moto E.

Last Updated: January 13th, 2015

Do you know what RF pocket forming is? Neither do I! But if I told you it was potentially the way your future gadgets would be able to charge themselves over the air sans any wires or pads or other surfaces, would you be interested? I know I was, and that's what a relatively little-known company called Energous is hoping will get your attention.

Energous, despite not being particularly recognized outside its respective industry, is doing something with charging that seems legitimately revolutionary, and I had a chance to sit down and observe the technology in action.


LG's just announced the G Flex 2 here at CES, and we had a chance to go hands-on with the company's next curvy smartphone. First, though, let's get the technical bits out in front.

The G Flex 2 is one of the first officially announced phones from a major manufacturer to have a Snapdragon 810 processor, an octa-core chip in ARM's BIG.little arrangement, with 4 high-power cores offering speed when you need it, and four lower-power cores suited for standby tasks and other low-overhead operations.

2015-hyundai-sonata-android-auto (1)
Last Updated: January 12th, 2015

Last week, we saw Hyundai announce that it would be the first auto manufacturer to provide Android Wear support for its cars, in the form of remote actions that can be initiated on your smartwatch. Pretty cool stuff. But Android Auto is probably even cooler - navigation, music controls, voice dictation, and other functions will soon be made possible in vehicles by your smartphone, instead of some ancient infotainment system from hell.

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