MyScript, the makers of the very popular MyScript Calculator, have just pushed out a new app called MyScript Nebo. It is a note taking application that seems to use the same handwriting recognition tech that MyScript Calculator does, but now you can apply it outside of mathematical equations. It only works with devices that have an active stylus like the recent Note series devices or Galaxy Tab S3. The current release is labeled "preview," so don't expect a finished product quite yet.

MyScript's handwriting recognition tech is called Interactive Ink, and it is pretty great at what it does. MyScript Nebo uses this same engine, so it does an excellent job of interpreting handwritten text. It's even able to recognize things like diagrams and symbols, and it can extend those over into formatting cues. That way you don't have to worry as much about going back and fixing the layout of your text, or arranging formatting to match your notes. MyScript has tried to make things as contextual as possible, so whether you are working on a flowchart, list, or outline, it's able to both interpret the text, and arrange it as needed.

It's also able to recognize mathematical equations, as MyScript Calculator can, so notes can include things other than plain text. It can even calculate the answers to those equations (presuming there are any), and convert them into LaTeX. You can also embed sketches and annotations, all on a canvas of unlimited size, and export all of these notes into HTML or Word documents. Basics like search and an organizational system based on pages, notebooks, and folders are also present.

If you find yourself taking notes often and have a device with an active stylus, perhaps you should consider trying out the free preview. It's available now on Google Play as well as over on APKMirror.

MyScript Nebo - Preview
MyScript Nebo - Preview
Developer: MyScript
Price: Free