Piper's home security and automation unit has been improving year over year. Since my initial review, it has overhauled its app and enhanced many of its features, but it also recently released an IFTTT channel that enabled Amazon Alexa integration and let you schedule and automate a couple of actions.

Now Piper is improving its IFTTT channel with more triggers and actions. You can now control your Piper-connected lights with Alexa, get a tweet when Piper detects smoke via a connected sensor, and set dimmer levels or lights when events are detected while you're away.

The best new recipe though, in my opinion, is the one to upload videos recorded by Piper to Dropbox or Google Drive. Compared to other companies who want to get every possible dime out of plans to store saved videos of security events for more than a few days, Piper is making it super easy to just back up everything to your cloud storage of choice, free of charge, forever.

You can check the new Piper IFTTT channel and its triggers and actions to see what's possible.

Piper Mobile
Piper Mobile
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