Wire is one in a growing number of messaging services that promise to keep their users' correspondence private. In this case, the service offers encrypted text, voice, and video calls. And now it's open source.

The company has uploaded the remaining source code that wasn't already available on GitHub. Specifically, components related to the user interface of the native and web apps, plus some of the tools the company used internally, are now openly available.

Wire is inviting users to use this material to build their own clients. The company is also inviting the community to review its code base and help with development.

In an interview, Wire CTO and co-founder Alan Duric says going open source was always part of the company's vision. He refers to transparency and commmunity engagement as important elements of a product with security at its core.

Wire - Secure Messenger
Wire - Secure Messenger
Developer: Wire Swiss GmbH
Price: Free